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Fixed that for you.

RE has "art style" and "a lot of gameplay elements from the orginal" too.

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Yeah, yeah. With some luck, you'll get another trailer for those games.

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Like Resident Evil 2? It's just prettier graphics and some new mechanics. It's even shorter to finish than the original Link's Awakening. What's the difference, then?

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I don't know. Resident Evil 2 is technically the same: Same game, better graphics, new mechanics, and it's full price. It'll last you about 8 hours (according to howlongtobeat.com) wich is about right, and 10 hours with extra missions. Now, Link's awakening DX (the GBC game) will give you, at least, 14 hours, 10 hours if you speedrun it.

So, why is it ok for Capcom but not for Nintendo? You'll get more for your money.

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Wtf. That smile is actually pretty terrifying.

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Lose Hope Fans, Monster Hunter Movie Is Still In Production

Fixed that for you

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My time to come has come

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Shouldn't you be comparing the PSP with the DS? I mean, PSP wont ever reach DS numbers: 154.02 million, vs 82 million of PSP sold. Also, 3DS: 72.53 million. PS Vita: 10–15 million .(estimate)

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PS4 / Xbox will not get Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Am I doing this right?

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If sony can survive the E3 focusing on 2017 - 2018 games, why should Nintendo fail? I mean:

- FF VII Remake
- Days Gone
- Spiderman
- Death stranding
- Maybe Kingdom Hearts 3

Aside from that, we'll get stuff that has been announced recently:

- Fallout
- Yet another Assassin's Creed game
- Spyro remake

I don't think Sony's E3 will be any different fr...

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And the trophy is...?

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There you go


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Yeah, that interactive world, when you cant even move the grass, or burn it, or chop a tree, animals walk underwater, water gets fire, gravity doesn't apply to any item, NPCs doesnt care about you, you can eve shoot the in the face...

Yeah, Horizon is a pretty model.

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I will never figure out what kind of trauma you have with Nintendo. Now kiddo, you're trying too hard, go get a cookie somewhere else.

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...said no one ever.

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Stardew Valley on Switch is 100% more portable in comparison to Xbox and Playstation. Meaning you wait a little more while it loads, but you don't have to wait at all to play it while you're not at home. I prefer to wait some seconds, instead of some hours.

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Hahahaha, oh, come on, this is amazing XD

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Ah, good old times with Galerians. I don't get why parasite eve is on that list, I'd choose something more dark, like Hogs of War.

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Oh Masterfox, you're always trying so hard... here, have cookie, you have an A for "At least you tried".

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And here we are, making delusional expectations for a game that is always the same. I don't think they'll remake all regions. I think it'll be a normal Pokémon game with cel shaded graphics like Wind Waker or Fire Emblem. That will be all.

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