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Also got your wallet.

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Game journalists: "Where is Bloodborne 2?"

Also game journalists: "It’s Time To Do Something Different Now"

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Well, only Nintendo has a portable version of MK11 :v

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Sooooooooooo are we really gloryfing PS4 beacuase of a piece of digital ass? Makes sense.

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Everything is OK if you don't know better than that.

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Can't wait to play this on Playstation 6. Hopefully.

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Well, if you ask me... I don't think so. I have Origin, Uplay, Epic Store and Steam, all of them have the auto start option disabled... and the only plattform where I buy games is Steam. The other one are, well... just OK, but they give some free great games from time to time, so, I have them, but I don't buy anything. Steam has great games and even better sales, so I don't think it's going anywhere soom.

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They are rumours.

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Yey, the heavy hits:

Another TLOU2 trailer, no date.
Another Death Stranding trailer, no date.
Another FF VII remake trailer, no date.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand I think that's the reason Sony won't be at E3.

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"Player 2 took a microscope to search for all of the big announcements from Sony's first ever State of Play event."

Fixed that for you.

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Hummm... what's the word I'm looking for... this looks so...


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Yeah, but almost everyone here have some kind of PC in his home to work / study, etc. If you're a gamer, you probably have a decent gaming PC, making the Xbone obsolete.

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You gave a shit. Duh.

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Oh, so edgy.

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Are you talking about pretty much every game sequel out there?

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Learn videogame programming, then.

If you have the balls, of course.

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Yeah, because you already played the game.

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So, what are the requirements for a game to be $60? Good story? Good gameplay? Great characters? I mean, Link's Awakening has all of those. Or are putting a price tag on graphics so we can all feel "mature"?

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Like Resident Evil 2? It's just prettier graphics and some new mechanics. Resident Evil 2 is even shorter to finish than the original Link's Awakening. What's the difference, then?

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Soooo... people is still arguing that Yoshi and Kirby games are easy?

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