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Mine too, same as The Last of Us 2

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Oh, come on. Really? Side missions is "grindind"? At least those give you some purpose, some fun, some story, some something. Do you know what is real griding? Having to battle a lot of times just because your party isn't strong enough in Disgaea. Doing random generated dungeons in Persona 3 & 4 for the same reason. Leveling up a Pokémon in random battles so you can defeat Whitney and her Miltank. Now, that is griding.

Gamers these days just are lazy ...

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The article is about how games are designed for big screens, and then they're ported to switch and things like text are difficult to read, but this doesn't happen with Nintendo games.

Those are problem caused by developers, not by NIntendo. At least try to read something before opening your mouth.

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Nice excuses. Good for you, I suppose.

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It's Time to Stop Making Excuses for Sony / MS:

Their consoles are too big
I need to buy a TV to play
I can't play anywhere
It's just more power without any real innovation
I can't play when there's an energy failure
I can't play in the bathroom

Am I doing this right?

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It's completely different. Mario's enemies are made with simple aptterns, and then the designers put'em in the worst place possible. They were never made to be "smart" to begin with.

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I envy those students who are able to pay an unlimited internet plan, or have a decent internet connection with no limits in his/her school, just to play Stadia.

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Can't believe ppl are falling for ps4

Can't believe ppl are falling for xbone

Can't believe ppl are falling for PC gaming

Am I doing this right?

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Top ten reasons to build a gamer PC.

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It's a remake of MGS, how can it be non canon?

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Because they can

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They still have the Nintendo Treehouse, so you can see a lot of gameplay from all the games anytime. Way better than other companies.

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Terrible. Let's pray.

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Today, in things that Sony copies from Nintendo: Skip the E3, make your own digital show.

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So are you complaining because before you have random generated Pokémon that you couldn't see, and now you have random ganerated Pokémon that you can see? Look, I've been playing Pokemon since Gen 1, and it's exactly the same thing in Pokémon Let's Go, but I'm not walking around endlessly for hours like an idiot in patches of grass; better than that, we can use the sistem in the combo mechanic to catch high IV and shiny Pokémon, wich means you're wa...

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Poor advertising. The console itself is actually great and the "terrible idea" gamepad is awesome. It was weird, to say the least, but the more I play switch, the more I miss the WiiU. Splatoon is awesome with the second screen map, same as Wind Waker, and assymetrical games like Nintendo Land, ZombiU, Affordable Space Adventures and may others are unique to the console. A great one, if you ask me.

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Resident Evil Remake is a remake.

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Sooooo... 3.5 because the games looks a bit old.

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Terrible. Let's pray.

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Specially because it's just a rumour that appeared from nowhere.

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