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WTF, I Have the PS3 version and it hasn't crashed my old 40gb PS3, yeah there are some conections issues but only in the lobby for me, this xbots reviewers are only talking crap about the PS3.

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All I want is FIFA Lounge back!!! not everybody in FIFA has just "virtual friends"

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there is any lag on PSN(like GoW 1/2 on Xbox 360). I don't want to pay $60 just to talk with my "friends" cross-game.

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is the last DLC right?

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Oh this nerd fkin sucks! So if I make a (very)shitty game, the people that are buying my overprice shit can then complain about it?. And because they complain about my careless about PS3, I will ignore them even when I eat most of because of them?!

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