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Evolution Studios give us nex gen WRC

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why you are crieng you make all Xbox fanboy look stoped
if the apologize make you stop crieng her im soory how that feel

note: I dont like the fanboisme but I hate fanboy who act like multigamer

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the profile have nothing to prove

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ya PS3 fanboys annoying & the xbot like to live in they fairyword like you onomix

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know I now way they call you Xbot you all waist your time on multiaccont way dont you find a life it is soo ease

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I own the 2 system all my time plying PS3 games Uncharted, MGS4, LPB, R2 warhawk, KILLzone2 & other games I paly on my ps3

and i only play my Xbox360 onset every week i only play fabe2.
GerOw2 i get boring after i kill gent worm GerOw1 is more fun than GerOw2

I dont blame all Xbox fanboy to be crying Microsoft shoed be blamed to give you lame DLC

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"How the f*ck am I a fanboy? I own both systems. PSN ID: Britain 18.

So how am I a fanboy?"

if you own both systems that dont mean you r not a fanboy i know many ppl who have all 3 system & they are fanboys

So STFU fanboy & face it you are Xbox fanboy

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I played your game the engine is sh*t the environment dont have phasic the tree look like PS1 design & the funny part the playable guy when he grab the robe he look standing up on the air like he stand on the ground

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what make you this games well own 2009. look at GersOW2, TombRader, NinjaGaden2, R2, GTA4, AloneIntheDark & mein game ppl was seing thus game well own 2008. And look what happen.

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maybe in 2010 after the PS2 compleat 10 year

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did you rememeber that GT5P kicked Forza 2 & PG4 ass & it was just a Demo think what the full game well do.

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PS3 have emulation for Pc game via lunex & SNES

so it won't be long and all XBOX360 & XBOX games will be playable on PS3 via emulation.

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white for to defend they last gen DVD
they well say (bu bu bu but 400% i.. is is n nothing co.. comper t to D D Dv v v D)

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I live in meddle east (Saudi Arabia) PS3 is more famous than the Xbox 360, But it sell more because it is too cheaper & most of may friend switching from Xbox 360 to PS3 because the free online & lack hardware ferial.

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no the thanks go to microsoft for last gen DVD9 now I have to suffer playing lame a$$ graphics & short play time.

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microsft paied the media

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I dont why PPl talk abut freedom of speech when US banded 2DTV & fall of dawn & the director of the move have been banded to spic
And there were book that improve that hetral (Nazi) didnt born the juse life & he didnt kill them by toxic gas & the book banded worldwide & the writer banded to talk by US

I think freedom of speech dont existed

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too bad i may skip this good game

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