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Sounds pretty good!

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Sony is now going to learn the hard way that you can't take people for idiots.

You treat people like s**t and LIE to them then they're going to snub you.


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It's just ANOTHER REASON on top of HUNDREADS of reasons not to buy a PS3.

The PS3 is one of the biggest rip offs in gaming's just over-hyped and over-exspensive.

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Ok so your going to begrudge the fact the PRIME MINISTER OF GREAT BRITAIN has a few perks here and there?.

I work in a post office and don't pay for stamps or's a perk of the job FFS...i bet if George.w.Bush wanted a delaystation then he could have a delaystation.

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Why can't you spell "January" correctly? you think it's cool to spell it "Januari"?..

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One of the best games i've played...the original was amazinG!

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Yeah well who cares cause Burnout games are crap anyway.

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IF they can't get 400K for USA or 100K for Japan then it's a waste of time even CONSIDERING a Euro launch...i predict late june early july 2007 euro launch.

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I could'nt care aless about the brainwashed idiots who are going to buy a PS3, they're just is their even an argument which is better?.

It's been proven time and time again the Xbox360 has

Better Games
More Exclusives
Better Graphics
Is out NOW

The best one is that Microsoft ARE'NT SONY, who just copy every new idea microsoft come out with.

I want Sony to die a horrible death and it's...

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I can't understand why ANYONE WOULD WANT THE PS3?.

An Sony are soooooooo arragent.

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How does the song go again?..

"It just keeps getting betterrrrr" haha...i don't care as the Delaystation3 is a load of apes ass anyway.

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just don't bother bringing that crap to UK shores as it's a load of ass.

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If it's "Turning heads" it's cause they're turning AWAY...this game looks like crap!.

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Who cares really?, for now the xbox360 is the clear winner in the graphics department..although looking at motorstorm i consider that the exception.

I'm not intrested in 2-3 years down the line..i'm intrested in what console is the best at THIS PRESENT TIME.

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Of course it beat the PS3, it's a better console FULL STOP.

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Does this really shock anyone?

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This is comming from someone who HATES and DESPISES SONY!


This game is nothing short of f***ing amazing and i can't believe it was made for the PS3 seeing how i hate the console.

But seeing how i'm no fanboy, i HAVE TO heap praise on Sony and the team behind this game for making one of the best graphical games i've ever seen.

I'll say it again.. WELL DONE SONY!

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As Europeans are SCREWED AGAIN!...

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I think this guy sums up my opinion and alot of other people's opinion on the PS3

"By billytech posted Dec 4, 2006, 8:51 PM ET

When a PS3 can stream live and recorded video from your Mediacenter PC,Have ANYTHING NEAR as good as the X Box Live online gameplay, the arcade classics from Live arcade, The ability to record TV shows and movies in HD without marrying a "Format", Play awesome games like Gears of war, AND work seamlessly with your I pod or...

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