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because money

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its also going to take them 3-4 months to unlock all the weapons in GTA online, all my garages are full i have 3 propertys and i have alot of pegasus stuff im set on gta.

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@ZeroRaven that's like losing a loved one im glad my fav game of all time is still online(starcraft1) sucks those who lost there loved games!

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gay how we dont get this new radio station, iv beeen playing since the 360 version wheres my love!!! heist arent even all that great i want new music andi want to own my paintjob and car customizations when i buy them i hate wasting money changing colors.

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if i was feverishly waiting for half life 3 i would be scared to get something short of revolutionary and i dont think gabe can deliver that right now which is why he is not going to do it any time soon.

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who cares, went back to bf3 its way better.

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I have a ps4 and i let my dad use it as a youtube device as i took my 360 back from him to play games that have better gameplay than all the games on ps4.

Ps4 = waste of money ATM buyers beware

O.T fuck this over hype game people keep getting f'ed over by hype and fanboys.

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eat your words IGN 6.5/10 for this crap game idiot fanboys

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lol 5 hours long, some ppl on n4g spent more time defending the game.

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devs will be shaking in their money filled boots if this game keeps on getting dumped on.

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its funny how mad ps fanboys get so mad when u ask for something that was promised to everyone before ps4 came out.

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PS+ edition?

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definitely getting an Xbox one, ps4 is going downhill so much so I had to buy Xbox live for my 360 now I just need a xb1 Sony is making me waste money and time.

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lizard squad took down psn because anonymous took down lizard squads site and twitter. Internet Wars.

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keep swinging at each other this is the kinda fighting i like!

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i haven't opened this game since GTAV came out on PS4 im protesting by not playing this money grabbing scam of a game. I am not bitter at Bungie for taking my 100$ for the guardian edition i bought because I was raised on Halo at least they moved on from that before they could spoil Halo.

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canada dlc would be amazing we have the best highways in ontario the races inbewteen citys would be amazing

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i foresee microsoft using gamers to prop this device up on its leg's before they ditch xboxers and move onto other fields such as medical, and therophy/ recovery, they did the same crap with kinect.

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lets blame gta because a group of people decided to insult 1.2 billion human beings for over a decade.

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this blew my mind I thought the area off the road was his scenery, but when he stepped off n started walking in the forest it was mind blowing. to bad I'll never play it cos I hate turn based

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