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Gtfo I didn't buy I torrented and thank God I did because it was just grinding trash. If I didn't ever play it there is more than enough info to back up the game is shit so try again.

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Oh sesame Street classy as ever for others misfortune. Such a stand up little guy. Keep up the good work.

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Or just look at the post directly above you from 2 people who could never be objective about the piece of plastic they worship.

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Jesus between sesame Street and queen Sony is gonna have to order more lube or you guys are gonna start chaffing.

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Negative neither game is worth more than 20 dollars and even that's too much for me for those snooze fests.

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Well let's see in an hour you could mine resources, upgrade your ship, visit another system, fire your pistol at a floating drone, name some plants and animals and trade with someone, aka accomplish the entire gameplay loop then rinse and repeat for as many hours as you can take. If you can't see that this is all the game has to offer I feel sorry for you.

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Oh damn it don't tease me I would have loved that. Really enjoyed the climbing in that game. Felt like it had much more options pertaining to routes in climbing which was nice. Maybe one day it will be revived somehow.

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I hope battlefield 1 isn't starting the trend of everyone releasing world War 1 and 2 shooters again. I remember what that was like a decade ago and I don't miss it. Not saying this game can't be good just hoping the market doesn't become saturated again.

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Usually not really into these games that much but a bunch of my friend picked it up and the peer pressure is getting to me. I don't think I will regret it based on so many shining reviews.

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Except uncharted is a straight shot linear game with script pieces where as this has an open world. Apples and oranges.

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You are correct it is a good comparison both are monotonous grinds.

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Everything looks great so far but I will have my doubts until release and reviews simply because killzone is trash. I couldn't be happier with the direction this game is taking though and I'm very excited to see the final result.

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Not surprising honestly what is though is how much the wii u is played.

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It is literally just a deal on amazon and all you trolls are trying desperately to spin it negative. Microsoft makes the majority of there money on the software portion so there only job is to get as many consoles out as possible, with the price of the console being irrelevant since once again software is what matters. Like come in here and mention the deal whether it be good or bad but you go completely off topic because your a pleb with nothing better to do. Yet another pathetic person o...

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Nice troll attempt and it's good you have all the Sony fans in this thread throwing you agrees. As a consumer it is great but you are such a loser you look for anything Microsoft does and try to spin It negative. I will never understand people like you and this site is full of them. So pathetic it's funny lol. Is your life so sad you have to trash talk a piece of plastic, I would guess by your responses that's the case and that's too bad. Honestly though if this is the onl...

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Fanboys see and hear what they want lol. Some people will always defend Sony no matter what it's best to just chuckle and move on from there stupidity.

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Aiden is the most boring bland character of this century so anyone else is a breath of fresh air.

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It is a strange move honestly.

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