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Damn casuals ruin everything-___-.

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I tried the demo and loved it but since it's scamcom i'm just gonna get it used not buying anything new from them ever again.

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Lol Witcher 2 is on PC there fore it ain't exclusive son.

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Umm what??0_o

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3.King Albert

I would be satisfied with those :D.

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Damn i have PS3 >_<.

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When does the beta go public ancient to try it out??

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2 days to go.

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Nice guess ill pick up the GOTY edition still been busy with BF3 to get any other game

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Man all this free stuff is really gonna kill peoples hard drive space hopefully next gen we can use external hard drives like Nintendo with the Wii u.

@Badjorunalism I'm just saying it's always nice to have more options.

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Yes and it's working :D.

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"We have a lot to learn on how to treat talent.* *Coughcrapovisioncough*.

Good for him.

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Here's how it goes every year.
1.New cod is announced kids get all wet over it.
2.People keep hyping it up saying how it's going to be the best cod blah blah....
3.Cod releases everyone hates it and says how it sucks blah bla....
4.New year same shit *Sigh*.

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Mehh let it be called whatever.

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You don't say??:o

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I'm just gonna name it Sony Brawl :D.

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Right...I'll leave you with this.

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That bong looks more like a condom xDDD.

OT:Good list.

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Oh,and you think were not disappointed in you for locking characters that are already on the disk and charging for them that??Lol Scamcom trying to act like the innocent one here.

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While i do wish for Capcom vs Snk 3 we all know how scamcom is gonna do with their shitty DLC scam so i'll take this HD remake instead IMO.

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