Eating your cookies
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Look at all the Geotrolls in the comment section.

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In other news ps3 still has the games while microsoft is buddying with your mommy.daddy and grandparents and havent released a decent game since 2010. But you just keep screaming sales while im playing Yakuza 4,Killzone 3,Motorstorm and Lbp2.

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500k in 2 weeks is bad all of a sudden?

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So your colour blind as well now the bulb is red ya trolling pos.

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Wow if thats the cole statue then wow and preorderd. Back pack is a nice extra.

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My bad and those 2 amazing games cant eb forgotten.

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I didnt know heavenly sword,uncharted,ratchet and clank and resistance came out 2 years after the ps3.

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False advertisement thats what it is. On pics i have seen it looks much bigger not buying this.

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They cut minor projects to relocate assets to projects that were almost done it happens all the time. Games arent selling?

2 million for heavy rain.
Over 1 million already for lbp2.
GT5 probably passed the 6million by now.
God of war 3 passed the 3.5mil.

Those are numbers most multiplatform publishers dream off.

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Quality control and probably games that werent even in alpha stage. Maybe they canned the next singstar cause sony is seeing the massive decline in the music genre. Maybe ramping up the NGP line up so games like wipeout ngp and killzone ngp will be part of the killer launch line up.

If it was financial they would have never bought 2 new studios(media molecule and the guys from ragdoll kungfu)
I hope they are reviving 8 days that would be cool.

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He also said its something they havent done it before and bigger then previous projects so no its not gow mmo.

Who knows it could be sony's first 1st party wrpg to compete against giants like skyrim,witcher 2 and me3.

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Socom vets gonna be hating cause it aint the same as socom 2 a game released so many years ago.

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Mcdowell already did a great job as deadalus in god of war 3 but his preformance as Stahl was outstanding one of the highlights of the campaign.

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People put the most useless crap on youtube. No one gives a shit you traded in a game for another one.

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No words for this.

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Didnt even include Santa Monica studio's new project. Which John hight(Director of Product Development) for scea has said on the bonus round, is bigger then everything they have done before. Then you have Dylan Jobe's rumoured starhawk. Lets add quantic dreams to the list and you got 1 long ass list.

Its just a amazing time for ps3 owners and sony is just gonna keep on buying studios. Smart move would be to make Sucker punch a offer they cant refuse.

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Damn cake teasers!

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A gay accountant really?

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Its randy's twin brother.

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