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@Hungryalpaca ah yes the vast library of early access games, and indie games. Name me 1 AAA in the last 5 years that was release only on PC that can't be done on consoles, and don't give me that crap about Star Citizen. A game that doesn't have a release date for about a decade now.

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I don't care who you are but that's pretty damn funny. Microsoft utilizing Linus tech tips lol

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To a certain extent I agree, especially what he did in the first game. In the world that the characters live in there really are no good people. Just people trying to survive.

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Maybe learn how to read and "un-syphon" your brain.

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Stop being a revisionist. The amount of hate and hoping that Naughty Dog fail over this game was ridiculous. Some people even wanted Druckman fired because of this game. Stop being a clown and give credit where it was due.

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Another 9.0+ score exclusive for Sony. Definitely a great year for the PS4!

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Well we'll it's the same culprits that downplaying the PS5 in the comments section. It's not Sony's fault that MS studios produce such pitiful exclusives this generation. The same is will occur next gen as well. No amount of new studios will save them

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Why don't you just grow up! The hate and vitriol for this game is ridiculous. If you don't like the game, fine go play something else, but to constantly try to bring the game down after all of the hard work that the developers put into it is asinine.

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You are either a preteen parroting what your dumb parents said to you about the race relations of the US or an ignorant man child to not know that Miles has been establish character for about 9 years now. Go watch more Faux News.

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The console war is in full swing folks! Time to pick a side! You are either with us or you're against us. Only a fanboy deals in absolute.

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@Ristul yes people should be ashame of supporting a losing team, just like in sports.

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I'll quote on this. So if the game's reviews average out to 80 or above will you conceed to your stupidity or will you pretend that you never said that?

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It's time for a massive correction in the game industry. No one should hope for a game to fail but sometime the only way for certain companies to learn is to hit them in the pocketbook. Its time to throw out the baby with the bath water.

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That's the stupidity of the average consumer. Marketing wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the easily manipulated.

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The only good Klansmen is a dead Klansmen! Don't hide behind unabashed sympathy for hateful people with some high moral ground. Own your racist way and let hellfire consume you. Remember, "There are good people on both sides"

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Lol you don't have to kick them when they are down.

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Thanks for stopping by, don't let the door hit you on the way out!

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Your name fits you, ya trolling POS. Who should I listen to? Digital foundary or a POS like you? Usually,Trump lovers like yourself uses the term beta cuck.

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oh xbox fans.... The mental gymnast one has to do to justify their own pitiful excuse of a console. Always bet on Playstation, sucker. Next time remember that!

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I knew those talentless hacks couldn't do a third person futuristic game. As if we didn't have enough 1st person games.

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