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It’s more like dead by daylight or Friday the 13th. The hud and art looks a lot like l4d though.

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First time I’ve ever been more interested in a new cod over bf.

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Rainbows six fans understand the franchises best part is the multiplayer.

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Disposable nature? What single player game can say they have over a million people playing everyday six months after its release. Even a game as great as god of war won’t be able to say that. After I platinumed it, I have no reason to ever play it again. A multiplayer game gets updated and people come back.

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1.7 million is still nearly twice as many players as any other game on steam.

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“I see your power rewards card has expired, would you like to renew?
Are you sure, you could save two dollars?
Would you like to reserve anything?
Would like disk protection?

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Great, now politicians have a reason to add a tax too them....

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Oh and difference is pc, switch, xb1, and mobile can And if anyone links their account to psn they’re locked out of playing on Xbox or switch all together.

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How is that even relevant when ea never tried to with bf4. If the option was there ea would probably do it.

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As many as it takes.

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The thing is sea of thieves isn’t a bad game, it just lacks content.

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Seriously, you really think he paid them.... It’s free advertising.

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Same here, I don’t know if I’ll play it because I don’t have a group of people I play with regularly anymore. I respect their decision to try something different until they make the two games I really want to play.

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Same here, more of a pubg guy. Been playing fortnite before work and at lunch the last few days. Hotspot you’re phone and you can play anywhere.

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Haha. Immature? I’m not one of the people crying because a developer chose to make a game the way they want too.

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Really, what’s you’re point? You sound like a child, he did it so now I can. I didn’t agree with ms not doing it last gen and a don’t agree with Sony not doing now. Just shows Sony is no different, and all their talk about being for the developers and gamers is a load of crap. It’s sad when people like you defend a company for something like this, when’s there’s no reason too. Gamers and developers only gain from this.

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Actually a lot of pc players linked their psn accounts to try it on PlayStation played a few times on there, then went back to playing on pc. Now they want to play it on the switch and can’t use the same account.

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Maybe they’re not ready too. Get over it.

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I trust them to make this choice. They feel it makes the game more visceral and immersive. The game sounds amazing and if this is the route they want to take, I fully support them.

“This first taste of Cyberpunk 2077 was unexpected and nothing short of amazing We know CD Projekt Red has a firm handle on player choice and narrative – which are both evidenced here – but now we see this dev has first-person shooter chops as well. The combat looked dynamic, fun, and filled wit...

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That’s what a lot of pc players are saying. Sucks that you try something once and you’re unable to bring over progress and items you spent money on, when other people can.

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