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Who cares, wiiU is dead.

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Its embarassing both of these companies in this day in age didnt make 1tb the standard out of the gate on launch systems.

And even that is small. Having the word GB on the box is sad and makes me think of last gen.

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PS1 and PS4 hold it together, the rest are no comparison.

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I agree, I would like to see them put their efforts into a New IP even if another FPS

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LOL thats horrible that they do this, its like lip syncing for a singer

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All you people listing all these details as to why are just basking in loyalty to one system or another, it comes down to one thing


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Nintendo would screw up MS and their media centrist style which works for millions.

Nintendo cant even get a proper online infrastructure off the ground for its own system correctly, they are back in 2001 to me.

and if the WiiU is any idea of what nintendo is becoming; giving them anything would be a total disaster.

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So in other words, it applies to the masses; which means it will be easy to pick up for anyone and sell like hot cakes

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COD - yes, its Multi sys, and been milked more than Any

Halo - No, Halo is a cult and a one system experience

Titan Fall - has a story but will thrive in the MP arena Only

DESTINY - Will be the champ; Its both story and MP & Bungie

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Wishful thinking; Xbox will not be dropped, its making profit for MS in the subscription market; with a cable deal looming, you people have it all wrong.

Keep your eye on the big picture.

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[email protected] wiiu

when you need this for news for wiiu, your seriously stretching and reaching for straws

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Its real easy

Xbox watched PS3, listened and learned and gained huge market share on SONY.

SONY watched Xbox one, listened and learned, and gained huge market share back.

Key word, Listened - to the people.

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343 proved they are no graphic slouch, I believe with the time they have on their side and the IP that Halo is,

we will see 1080p 60fps, if we dont, MS GTFO

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First Xbox One needs to be competitive in price.

Next its been years, you dont physically make a disc, you dont pay for marketing, or shipping, yet the game cost the same to buy, Why?

For a company that pushed Digital Distribution, the price does not match, why? Because your making us paying a convenience fee instead of passing on the savings.

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and people need to ignore this article

Xbox One, no kinect, at 399 or GTFO

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Dump the wiiu it why the talk is happening. The rest of Nintendo is fine.

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This site is full of total denials, the "the wiiu is fine crowd"

just cant seem to understand these stories = problems at nintendo. Blind Loyalty is never a good thing.

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COD - although there are a lot of FPS, COD has been milked to death and Im not a fan of Bobby Kotic, which makes me dislike it even more, his style of being CEO is milking consumers and micro-transaction heaven.

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MS needs to ditch kinect as a default and wake up.

399 MS or GTFO

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