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What has Xbox 360 left now?
Halo and Gears of War?

2006 - 2007 = PS3 had no games
2009 - future = X360 has no games

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So what Xbox 360 has left now?
Only Gears of War and Halo? Against so many PS3 exclusives?

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Why i need Live Blog when i can Stream?

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so.... 2k lied about the versions being identical, posted fake PS3 screenshots, saying that the PS3 version wasn't ported, and they didn't even make the PS3 version.

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I dont care if its free roam or not..
I care about Mafia 2 story...

Jimmy DLC comes with new missions and those missions are in free roam game.
Its nice bonus.

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Blu-Ray version - PS3

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We dont know nothing yet but long time ago France added Splinter Cell Conviction on PS3.

France is country where PS3 is most populary and outselling Wii...
So anyway...

France Amazon was first who added GTA 4 DLC PS3 and nobody dident belive
France Amazon was first who added Bioshock PS3 version but people said it never come on PS3
Then France Amazon added Splinter Cell Conviction but now they removed it and added Splienter Cell Trilog...

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Xbox 360 Kinect without hardcore games?
You can play big ball game... some racing games... um... what else? nothing else. You cant play shooters.

I better buy Playstation Move and i can play most PS3 games now :D

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Mafia 2 !!!!

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what xbox slim?

Xbox 360 S added only wifi what PS3 ALREADY HAD !!!!
Still Xbox 360 dosent have Blu-Ray and Xbox 360 still scrats all DISKs


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5 million Korea + 1.8 million US and EU = 6.8 million in ONE DAY !!!
BAM !!!

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Main titles:

Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid 2
Metal Gear Solid 3
Metal Gear Solid 4

Games what are on other platform DOES NOT COUNT
Its not no more MGS becuase MGS = snake but its other charater..

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No more US !!!
I want some EU loctation...
Best weapons, clean cities and fast cars

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Halo = Call of Duty
Milk and Milk !!!

I dosent care if its Master Chief or someone else becuase he has no voice and in Halo 3 or ODST you could not see differents if you playing with Master Chief or with someone else...

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I like Mafia settings, music and missions
Mafia 2 has story mission not mini missions like in GTA 4

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Journey and Dead Nation for me

Great action game and great relaxing game(I love flower)

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You need to buy DLC if you want to finish Single Player

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