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Just got round to watching the first one a few weeks ago. Bought and watched the second on Blu-Ray last week. Might have to rethink always playing as Hoxton...

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So already we have interviews deflecting from the fact that the reveal proper was underwhelming, as looks to be the case with the line up going forward for at least the launch window.

This was Microsofts chance to wow people, the surface is a damn good product I will recommend to anyone, the One X? Not so much, perhaps it's Sony holding them back from having a decent first party lineup?

The power under the hood of that machine and more importantly it&...

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I'm not a switch owner, but having played this on Ps4 I think it's a perfect fit for switch and particularly it's joy con 2 players up.

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There are only 7 stories. Look hard enough and everything can be boiled down to those component parts. The skill comes in how you blend them to create something people think they haven't seen before.

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You can up the resolution all you want, they still talk like Pingu.

Higher res and frame rates are great to have, but they cannot compensate for poor animation, art direction etc. Not just on Andromeda but any title.

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Making weapons out of parts, while admittedly cool, would be overpowered without upping enemy health. This in turn would make the newly crafted weapons feel necessary, adding to the grind. The solution would be to make them limited use, but then you have the same system as now, only without the tactical and skill elements of shooting them off.

There are enough enemy behaviours, weapons and ammo to accommodate several ways of approaching combat encounters.

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This was my go to VR game when my wife was getting ready for bed. She takes about 20 minutes so this was perfect to fill the time. After a few nights she no longer laughed when coming downstairs to tell me she'd finished, only to find me standing in the middle of the room, heading invisible footballs like I was back in my (enthusiastic, Sunday league) playing days.

Great game, biggest surprise of launch to me.

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It's a UK newspaper, which as a rule of thumb means that when it comes to gaming, they couldn't find their arse with both hands and a map.

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You can hook both the ps4 and the Pro up to each other with an Ethernet cable and then do the transfer. Takes a little while if you have a lot of content.

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If this was £200 with 1, 2 switch in the box then I think they'd likely have a massive hit on their hands. Though what profit margin there would be on that is debatable. As it is, it's going to be very interesting to watch unfold.

I like the idea of the machine, but I am never going to pay that much for what it offers, especially in regards to accessories.

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I'll have to test it. My old Hmz-t2 was 3d blu ray compatible but I couldn't justify keeping it and getting psvr.

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Not sure what would be scarier on my psvr. The game, or the film in cinematic mode.

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How can they spend the money that they're spending on advertising on creating games? They've spent it already. On advertising. What business school did you go to Mr Trump? Oh that's right you uhh, you DON'T REMEMBER!

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I too would like external hdd support for game installs on ps4. However, being able to swap the internal hard drive is preferable to not having that option. I have swapped the hdd on my original ps4, my bedroom one and my pro and it is a simple and quick process.

Both manufacturers should allow both options, some like me would appreciate the extra storage, despite the 2TB drives I have installed internally; others would like to increase internal capacity so as to not n...

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I genuinely enjoyed Knack. Played it a lot and recently went back and got the platinum. The fact that it's getting a sequel pleases me and gives me hope for a sequel to the order.

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Picked up Dishonoured for £18 as you get another £2 off for being a prime member. Not interested in CoD so I gave the code to a friend. Pretty good deal, though I smiled when I saw the email contains instructions on how to redeem your free copy of the last of us (sadly no code though).

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So, it's Headmaster without the charm, humour or variety.

Liked the look of Headmaster as a party game, but I'm surprised to say I'm enjoying it a lot as a single player experience. It's simple enough to begin with, but some of the later challenges are deceptively difficult to ace.

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Personally I think that this is an incredibly clever tactic, it's viral marketing using a video game demo.

Every time they update it now the subreddit is going to fire up again with more speculation. After the phone call I'm certain at this point that they have a roadmap of updates and unlocks leading up to release.

It's a clever way to build anticipation for the game and one of the most refreshing things I've seen Capcom do for quite so...

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I ordered mine in the first few hours. Missed the crazy early rush as I was at work.

A couple of months ago though I got an email from Amazon telling me I was upgraded to launch day.

Hopefully you got one too and it went in spam and you missed it.

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It's refreshing to see someone who appreciates the miniscule power draw of a single rgb led cluster.

The amount of people I know who have convinced themselves that it makes a significant difference to them explains why people's world views are so skewed, they're so easily influenced by the media.

As for the sticks, never had a problem until last week. Now I'm going to be replacing the sticks on 2 of my controllers as they've both de...

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