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Ill pass until psvr releases. I think that's the way id prefer to play this game

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I still haven't finished singleplayer yet. I always start off on hardest difficulty and there have been a few bottleneck areas for me

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I had this game for the nes decades ago. Got to the part when you had to ride a dolphin down a river and couldn't figure out what to do next. Never finished it

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Plus she's hot af. Amd she has that other netflix exclusive show that ive never bothered to watch but people seem to like

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So does it play exactly like the gothic and risen games? Played and loved gotic 1&2 and the first risen, so i might just have to pick this one up.

Gothic 2 in particular is probably my favorite pc rpgs ever. No joke, played it like 10 times

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Preowned is a no go for me

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Also, games back in the late 80's and 90's were just as buggy and broken. There was just no internet available to the masses to whine on so unless you encountered the game and its problems firsthand you were blissfully ignorant.

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Just as PC fanboys hate Xbox fanboys doing the same thing. Interesting ...

Turns out ps4, Xbox AND PC fanboys are hypocritical assholes. Like just about every other person on the face of the earth. Ever.

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Yes, prove your opinion.


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I like free stuff as much as anyone.

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I am thankful that my ps4 has been working flawlessly since it was purchased and hasn't succumbed to any new, mass produced hardware defects.

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Totally worth it for me. Playing through Uncharted 3 in 3d was bad ass. Other games like Arkham City, Killzone 3 and GeoW 3 also did it well. Resistance 3 looked like crap however.

Getting a passive LG tv was my best purchase of 2011.

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There's an obvious and simple solution. I like the series so I buy it every year when I can get it cheap. You think it's being milked? Buy the numbered sequels only and skip the others.

Crazy? I know...... But it just might

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Isn't Road Rash owned by EA? Why would a kickstarter for the second largest video game publisher be necessary?

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Nice. Snagged 2 of em. Dint know how long a 32gb will take to fill up and figure I'm unlikely to see prices like this again any time soon.

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You're basing that on nothing but speculation.

Anywho, I haven't paid more than 47.99 for a new release game with no sales tax and free shipping and even less if it's not a game I want as soon as possible. Newegg is you're friend.

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Good game, but with the exception of one or two bosses it was too damn easy.

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Yeah people will be able to continue allowing themselves and publishers to be screwed while putting more money in the pocket of Gamestop. Nothing to worry about here folks.

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The chainsaw gun ain't what he should be concerned about, it's the faux-hawk

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