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Perhaps it has something to do with IP ownership?

One can hope.

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A bit young, or a bit ill?

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Let the man raise his son how he wishes.

He bought his son a video game. Why does it matter what system it's on?

Some parents don't buy ANYTHING for their children, yet they walk around with the latest smart phones.

I would have loved a Lego Avengers game when I was a child. I couldn't give two shits about what console it was on.

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It'd take an understanding of the game, and seeing one good play in LoL to change your mind.

Professional matches can get intense.

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They're already talking about E3?

It's only December....They must have a ton to show.

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You must have stuck a certain chord.

You're getting an excessive amount of hatred for stating things that are factual.

People need to cut their emotional ties to these companies and start criticizing them as much as you do. If we don't, then nothing will change.

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All are wonderful games, but Deus Ex, AC4, and Windwaker simply don't count.

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Pretty sure that's only Microsoft.

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"Demo" is short for Demonstration.

Poor demonstration = Poor Reception

It's not a hard concept to grasp.

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In that case, why not get it on the "other" console?

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I disagreed once I saw "Casuals are not stupid".

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I actually think Sonic Generations is better....And that released not all that long ago...

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But we're talking about games here, and the Pokemon games are top-notch (the main series anyway)

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Jealousy breeds hatred

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"Top 20 Greatest Playstation Characters"

One would assume that a "Playstation" character, is someone exclusive to "Playstation". Otherwise, you could just say "Top 20 Greatest Characters in Gaming"

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Not if it's a moonwalk

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Either you have terrible reading comprehension, or you've never read the material to begin with.

Regardless of your belief, the spontaneous burst of misdirected rage makes you come off as extremely ignorant, especially when the subject matter is completely irrelevant.

Believe what you want; but please keep it off of N4G. God knows that we have enough topics to argue about, let alone something completely unrelated to gaming.

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Being as objective as humanly possible, Ascend looks like straight poo. Loco Cycle and Matter COULD be cool, but we wouldn't know that because they didn't show anything outside of teasers...Also, they're for Kinect, so probability is not in our favor.

As far as new IPs go, I can't honestly say that Microsoft provided much to become excited about.

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You're right.

I can't disagree with hot air.

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There's absolutely no way in Hell that MS' conference ranks higher than Sony's.

That's not even debatable.

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