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Oh snap! You got got by pablo man. Hypocrisy at its finest. El oh el.
Edit: Hang on, you justify your doom and gloom articles (you even have a blog here on n4g with an exploding zeplin as the title picture) on the fact that the data then supported them but many of your comments now decry doom articles about the VITA even though the current vita data clearly supports them?? Hypocrite much bro?
You did the EXACT same thing to the 360 then that the media is doing now to the VI...

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Meh. Never fell for this 4 years ago, not falling for it now. If you want this game, buy a PS3. I have a PS3 but I find this series' storyline a bit to cheesy for my liking.

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Go play something else then. You're welcome.

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Why? The game is being built for PC and 360 first and then ported over to the PS3 a year later or so.

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They gave FF 13-2 the same score and people moaned. Why are they credible now?

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10th? That happened a long time ago.

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@tiffac Lord of the Rings Lego released on the very same day but managed to hit the chart 6 positions higher on the PS3 only chart The same PS3 version of LotR Lego managed to chart at number 13 in the top 40 individual chart and PASBR failed to crack it on to the list.
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Are you claiming it is an anti playstation fan conspiracy? The game debuted at number 38, PSN sales or not, that is pretty pathetic for a high profile exclusive releasing on a console that hasn't exactly had an action packed holiday as far as great quality exclusives are concerned.
If they are happy with the sales, why not share them and spread the joy?
Are you seriously going to fall for PR talk without any proof?

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I just had to comment on this, do you expect SONY to say the game hi tanking? They said the same thing about the PSP Go and then it continued tanking and they discontinued it.
All I'm saying is without actual numbers, it is all just PR talk.

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