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they are the same 5 buttons as the bottom 5. It's just supposed to be SUPER COOL SOLO SECTION!!!!11 apparently the guitar has a 5-way switch so you can also select different effects, but in game informer it says that the old controller will be compatible with rock band.

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M$ is straight ballin' up in here, $50 million goddamn!

And you know how we ball
Riding in shiny cars
Walk in designer malls
Buy everything he saw

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I expected them to improve the graphics more with almost a year of work. The only thing I really noiced was that the PS3 had better textures in the distance (for example, when they're outside the sewers if you look at the opposite bank of the lake) and that a couple of the textures in the PD3 version were a little bit sharper (maybe more storage space on the disc?). That's dissapointing (though not for me because I already have the 360 version). I'm gonna go see if the patch actually does any...

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I wish I would've known about this before... I'd much rather have HDMI connectivity for the 360 since my TV has more of those than component, and I might be running out of space soon (if I get a Wii I will need those component connections, and VGA looks terrible from what I've seen). That pisses me off. A lot.

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not worth $60, but I got mine for half that. i <3 you fry's

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Right now I could really care less which console sells more, especially in Japan. All I know is that people are going to take the XBox brand seriousaly this generation, which means good things for me and every other smart person who bought one. As for the people who bought a PS3... I hope you enjoy it. I know I won't be anytime soon.

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So, you have some secret alien technology TV with a refresh rate that isn't expected to be a standard until 2008 or 2009? Wow, that's amazing!

HDMI can't even handle that kind of bandwidth.

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You're an idiot. What he's talking about is not pirating in any way. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be legal to make copies of media if you own it, but people abused that privelage with CD's so now companies have to make it increasingly harder to copy things like that.

A good idea would be to digitally sign movies and require a user to obtain rights to them on their hardware(kind of like the Live marketplace) before they will play. This way copy protection would be a non-iss...

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I bought one after a year as well because I don't trust that my 360 will not break again in the future. I only had to pay $25 for another year; if you do the math, that means that if it breaks once in 5 years, investing in an extended warranty ($125 if it stays at the current price, vs. $140 to have it repaired) will have you breaking more than even. I can't see why this is useless in any way.

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That's exactly why I bought an extended warranty. Don't be stupid; you can't complain about a manufacturer because a product that they gave you a free one-year warranty on (much longer than most products) breaks after the warranty is up. To me, that's like complaining that your car broke down after your 5 year warranty was up because the dealer charged you to fix it.

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Worst multiplayer experience I've ever had.

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Next time you get a chance, stop by bestbuy and see how many of those black plastic grills are also stacked up.

And it has only been 2 months since that launched.

Way2go Sony!

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This is hardly "micro" content. 5 maps is almost half of what the game originally came with. If you consider multiplayer to be half the game, that's $30. So half of the maps originally cost you $15 (the engine, guns, vehicles, etc. are already in the single player). $10 is a pretty good price by my estimate, as it's somewhat less than what you payed for each map originally.

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Agreed. It seems like this game is nothing but good graphics and will probably be terrible other than that. Just a little something to make the ones who will spend thousands on their PC feel like it was worth it (don't worry, it wasn't).

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This sure is a reputable site, as they have numbers for the PS3 and Wii, but no 360... Hmm, I can't imagine why (cough)

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If you play games quietly enough that you can even hear any of these consoles, please send them to me because you aren't using them properly.

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Microsoft's customer service has been in India (I believe) each time I've called them, but they spoke perfect English. Having an accent and not speaking English are very different.

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"while the PS3 is starting to recover from its early production issues"

Except that no one is buying them now that they're on store shelves.

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I've seen several on craigslist for maybe $50 more than the retail, and they've mostly been there for weeks. No one wants them now.

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"It's actually easier to just put content on your console (like the PS3) instead of setting up an expensive PC and hoping that your 360 will connect to it so you can view your movies and photos."
Where do you get this content? From an 'expensive PC'

"can use any Memory format they want"
If you pay $600 for it.

"PS1 and PS2 titles without the need for an expensive add-on"
Umm??? I don't get this one.

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