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They need to remake the original Duels of the Planeswalkers

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Melee was never an issue in KZ2. It was a last resort and it worked if you had skill. It would be better if it only worked from behind or something. KZ has always been about firefights. Now you can run up to people hit melee and boom dead. Its now a valuable weapon. I mean its something that wont break the game. Its still amzazing. its just something personally I could do without.

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It is cool no doubt. but imo it should have been left in SP. At first it wasn’t an issue but the more I play the more often it happens. Lots of people just bum rushing into enemies now. and conga lines

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Everything is awesome. But... the freaking one hit melee BS is starting to get aggravating. I want to play Killzone not AvP.

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awesome thanks!

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anyone know who does the cover of that classic song?

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Unbelievable! no Deus Ex?

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These articles crack me up. Guys are just as ridiculous looking in games. There always super jacked ripped Fiabios. lol for example God of War or Marcus Fenix from gears. Any fighter game that has sexy exaggerated girls has equally exaggerated males. They just don’t have bobbies.

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That Bloodseeker looks like a red Garruk wildspeaker. jus sayin

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coming from a user with a Gears of War avatar lol

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Killzone 3 looks much better in motion then crysis

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So many people say that Halo: Combat Evolved was new and different for its time. Those people forgot about or never played Marathon. Bungie been making the same exact game. Over and over since 1994. Same gameplay, same concepts, same weapons, same equipment,ect. The only thing that’s changed is the technology and systems on which the series is played on.

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