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Now do you mean that literal or are we just talking about a seed generated minecraft world?

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It's alil different tho, because of the ability to remote play your games through the internet not just within range of the console

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I envy you my son is only two so the only game he enjoyed me playing was the remake of mickey mouse castle of illusion Lol

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ND has blown me away since the first time I played crash, so I have faith in this company

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Are you really that upset about all the naughty dog articles, if anyone deserves articles like this its ND.

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I love connecting dots that aren't there me and this writer should be Facebook friends /s

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Don't starve is amazing I would love a vita port

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That trailer blew my mind,the music and cinematics were excellent

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Probably because they're still supporting pd2 like crazy

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Is there a need for these kind of articles?

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Tearaway was their last game...

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Use to play this with my grandmother as a child, it was her favorite game, I was always 2nd player so I was always the blue one, 'til this day I always play as the second player kind of a nod to my grandmother.

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I got ffx HD on the vita the day it released and I just finally put it down about a week ago granted I play ffx2 at all

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Wasn't ffx HD already 40 bucks? I only bought it for the vita but I'm pretty aire that's what I paid

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Please let it be more like pe 1 and 2 not like 3rd birthday

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I was thinking the same thing

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I would love to go but I have to work that day and I have my 19 month old son :( I knew it wouldn't have been in Pierce county tho. Anyone know if they're streaming it on PlayStation live on the ps4?

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Dumbest thing I've read in this website as of late

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I want in this time I never got in on the ps3...

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How did you not complete resogun? And you should go and play don't starve that game was entertaining

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