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That is not the smarter choice especially if the others game offerings and services don't appeal to you. I'm extremely satisfied with what MS has brought this gen for it's traditional core market and will continue to play exclusive and multiple platform games only on 360. Kinect is actually pretty cool with games coming I really want to hear more about. Hate all you want but the obvious choice for me is not to listen to the person screaming exclusive numbers. Those numbers are so ...

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GEars 3 is my most anticipated exclusive this years. Just packed with a ton of features and modes that easily put this at the top of my list. If there ever is another gears I really hope it's on next gen console even though this one looks so good on the current one.

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There is definitely potential here with Kinect. I like the way you take cover but cant stand the whole aim your arm cross hair thingy. With a controller and being able to take cover like this (using Kinect)we could be onto something.

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"Why do ps3 fans care so much about the 360? We don't care about ps3."

I think you mean PS3 fanboys (just like 360 fanboys) because not all of them are haters.
OT:Anyways this is good to hear because we may just get two different experiences out of the box. I'm just waiting for that kinect hybrid game that does it right and hopefully Ryse will be it.

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I think Kinect will prove itself more and moreover time. Still forget the "you are the controller" slogan and change it to "become one with the controller."

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This game should of been a hybrid and let you use the Kinect for force powers and duals only. Still could end up being a great game or experience when it's all said and done.

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Move your leg once forward to go forward and back once to go backwards. Stop the hate it's getting silly. I really hope Kinect is not all they go with but from what I'm seeing they are doing things I would never have imagined. Kinect offers a unique experience that just can't be explained by watching videos.

@sin "Try to defend something not Sony related and you get jumped on, do a little research and grow up."

Yeah but you shouldn'...

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Not bad...If you look past the hate you can see that MS has some nice little games here. I prefer the controller but would like to try these with Kinect.

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Wow...This sh!t is unbelievable. MS hired a bunch of clowns and destroyed everything they worked so hard to create.

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Not sure what to make of it yet but it definitely feels like Star Wars and may have potential. Rails suck but it can still be good sense your playing with no controller.

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If Sony did nothing but fart on stage it's fanboys would eat it up. j/k

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Well level headed I couldn't agree with you more. Lets hope someone at MS has been listening and wants to give its gamers what they want. If MS does not deliver this week I'm filing for divorce.

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Anything is possible but the best thing to do is wait and see.Right now they have just as good of a chance as Sony or Nintendo.

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I could careless about RB6 Vegas. Please Ubi take it back to it's roots and advance it from there.

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Interesting thanks!

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Mediocre compared to other consoles? Well for your information I grew out of Nintendo long ago and none of Sonys exclusives have caught my utter attention. Yes it has great looking games but what I'm saying is speak for yourself and stop pretending you know what everybody likes. MSwill do it's thing and your just mad it will.

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Game looks gorgeous and will definitely be on my radar next week. Head tracking seems to be very simple and in all honesty something I could see happening in many future titles.

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You are in for a treat. Hopefully they will catch you up somehow and release part 1 on PS3.

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Gaming can wait as simple as that.

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Come on guys lighten up a little. At least he wasn't trolling and sounds excited about the game.

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