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Would have like the camp mug, looks like it ships to the US only unfortunately.

Recently replayed the game followed the release of the ps5 patch, what an astounding game, I honestly cannot believe a PS4 game could look so good!

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"Obsessed with sequels".

Such a disingenuous statement, every single generation Sony's studios release brand new IP, sure, that is supplemented with sequels to popular games, but that 'obsessed with sequels' talking point is only ever used to try and suggest Sony don't release brand new IP..

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I get what you are saying Transporter. In my opinion a lot of this kind of frustration is borne out of the 'just you wait' mentality and marketing pushed by MS. They went a whole generation with practically nothing new and are still in a position where their existing studios have nothing new that is near to release except more Forza and Halo.

Their answer was to buy exclusives instead but even this failed to reveal anything new or unexpected that will release anyt...

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Stalker 2 is exclusive for just 3 months dude and the devs have also confirmed A Plague Tale is coming to PS5, you are sounding pretty desperate.

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How can you anticipate something that you haven't seen? Its not as if its a sequel to a beloved game that you can base expectations on.

Bethesda Studios has a hell of a lot to prove given how buggy there games are upon release and given they have been on a downward trend with Fallout 4 and then Fallout 76.

Personally, I would have to pick something we have seen running from a more reliable developer , for example Forza Horizon 5.

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With respect, I would say they are trending downward in quality too personally.

Their games have been shown to be quite archaic in design as well as from a technical standpoint and the reality is, there are plenty of other companies making better RPGs than Bethesda over the last 7 or 8 years.

I know CDProject dropped the ball recently, but contrast Witcher 3 with anything put out by Bethesda since Skyrim (which itself was very traditional in design at the...

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Considering that Bethesda developed titles have been decreasing in quality with each release over the years, it amazes me that anyone listens to anything Todd Howard says, the guy is full of it.

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Not niche at all squire, but I sure do love Hades. I will admit, I do not care for multilayer games at all, but otherwise, I have a broad taste in videogames.

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Pretty much chief, pretty much.

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I'll be back on Returnal personally which i want to earn the platinum for (to add to my recent Demon Souls and Miles Morales platinum trophies) before FF7 Remake and Mario Golf on Switch.

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I am honestly shocked at how poor that show was, all hype and no delivery yet again.

I genuinely was excited for this show and had recenently started pricing up Series One consoles on Ebay in anticipation as I felt sure this show would make it seem essential. You know its bad when the thing i was most pumped for was Hades, a game I have already played on Switch and will pick up on PS5 anyway.

Same old MS I am afraid, all talk and no trousers.

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Honestly, I don't understand how people are finding this confusing.

This is a book contains photographs of textures specifically shot for the purposes of reference material for graphic design/art. If that reference material is used for commercial purposes then she is entitled to renumeration for her work.

Not that its relevant here, but to clarify a point, any photos taken in a public place, even if the subject matter is private property, is the prop...

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Xbox has a policy that all their games must be cross gen, PlayStation does not. I have platinum trophies in Astrobot, Demons Souls and I am working on Returnal at the moment whilst I wait for Ratchet and Clank to arrive next week.

You can try and play these titles down all you want, but I can tell you now, they are incredible on PS5. Practically zero loading times dramatically changes the Souls experience for me in respect of it not being so frustrating, for example, not ...

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I remember a time when PushSquare were a pretty good site before they started chasing traffic with clickbait article titles.

There is a world of difference between MS who have a policy in place that means all their games must be multi generation, and Sony who do have PS5 only games but have allowed devs to make cross gen titles for some of the most popular titles.

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Logic, you are way off here squire. It is pretty much common knowledge that the MLB organisation wanted an end to that exclusivity and forced Sony's hand in that respect.

Also, there is a world of difference in releasing a handful of exclusives onto PC years after they have been on a console (and arguably have served their purpose as a exclusive) and what MS plan to do when they eventually publish an exclusive.

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Blockbuster killed off all of the local movie rental places in the area I lived. Those local places are what I am nostalgic for, the cool posters they would give away when finished with, the business owners who knew about movies and could recommend cool films etc.

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I paid 60ish quid if I recall, here in the UK, no regrets either, belting game.

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Superb game and I am sure it will be in the conversation but this seems a bit premature as statements go. Pretty silly thing to say in my opinion.

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Depends on your feelings on exclusives really. Personally, I still believe that fundamentally, exclusives are what drives the success of a platform.

More exclusives drive console sales, which in turn drives investment in new exclusives which in turn drives more consoles, and on and on it goes.

I can see some logic in releasing some titles to PC after they have served there purpose, maybe Bloodborne on PC after all this time is worth considering for Sony...

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It really does feel like Sony are leaving money on the table here. You have to figure a PS5 remake would fly off the shelves.

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