The lunatic is in my head.
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Yeah, if anything my friends and I laugh at anyone using the smart pistol, because they will always be the bottom of the scoreboard.

It is by no way groundbreaking, and other then killing grunts quickly it has no redeeming qualities. A gun that takes almost 2 secs to lock on to a pilot for the kill is just pathetic. I assume playing against ppl with regular weapons I have less time than that or I'm dead.

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Come on DK, you're better than this.

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Ignorance is saying they have a problem with being able to support more player count. Their previous games have had a higher player counts.

"I'm just saying I don't trust these guys to deliver a great product"

You do realize they created COD 4 Modern Warfare, considered by many to be one of the best FPS to ever be created. Not trusting them to create a quality title would be like someone unsure to buy a game because Naughty Dog made it.

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The ignorance of this comment, it's just so sad.

Last of Us multiplayer is 4v4, so it must be terrible right?

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Lol, let's just forget all the Sony fanboys who are just as clueless in the console war. Thanks to the internet console wars will never end.

It reminds when I had a friend who told me there would be less war in the world if there was no religion. I simply laughed and asked "what would stop man from finding another reason?"

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Another DK article and another DK senseless comment. You do realize every thread you're in you criticize someone for avoiding a question while you avoid their question by criticizing them. Not trying to rage here or anything, but that stuff just annoys me.

OT: Honestly I was shocked to see you saying anything bad about Sony, lol. While you do have a huge bias against MS at least you can acknowledge the shortcomings of Sony.

The way they are supporting...

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Right, just like there's no way someone could love the concept of a man protecting a girl in an apocalyptic world, since it has been done before.

Oh wait, people loved that game.

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Halo 2 was on PC?


Just looked it up, always thought Halo 1 was the only one.

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I only read the article headline, and figured out they wouldn't be on Sony or MS consoles.

Well, maybe that's because I have common sense, lol.

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Bioshock 1 yes, snatcher IDK, and the rest no, not even close.

Maybe Red Dead.

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PC+360+X1 > PS4+PS3

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Haha, yeah. I actually found this out when I bet a friend that UC wasn't the highest rated new franchise of the current, at the time, gen.

After deciding that it should have at least 3 games, to match UC, found out it goes ME, Gears, then UC. There might be a couple between Mass Effect and UC that we overlooked, but that knowledge was worth the 5 dollars lol.

No odd criteria here, just took the three Metacritic scores of Gears and UC, a...

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In a post from me in another article:

Gears franchise vs Uncharted franchise:

Total sales winner: Gears
Highest Average rating: Gears

In what way did Uncharted destroy Gears, lol?

This doesn't mean Uncharted is bad or that Gears is inherently better. Sales =/= quality and both games are great. This is simply meant to show Uncharted did not destroy Gears as said above. /END DISCLAIMER

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That's great, Gears Trilogy, overall, still has a higher score then Uncharted. You and that guy who PM'd me need to learn averages. Also, you should probably stop hitting your face, not too healthy. I never once said Sales=Quality, razrye stated Uncharted would bury Gears and I simply stated how the UC franchise has never buried Gears.

Also those two games aren't exciting at all too me, I find UC overrated and never could get fully into Infamous ...

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For everyone's attention,

Gears of War vs Uncharted:

More games sold: Gears
Higher rated franchise: Gears

UC4 and Infamous, not exciting to say the least. The Order though, does seem very intriguing.

P.S. Did not include UC:GA or Gears Judgement.

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I know people won't like this, but this is the reason I was excited for the X1 original DRM plan. Yeah, it sucked for people with no or spotty internet, but for me I saw it as having a digital library on a console which I could still trade in. It was pretty much a perfect situation for me.

But, people complained in a terrible way and now that dream is gone for now. At least we all have our new consoles with awesome innovative features. Oh wait, they are just beefed up...

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"your logic doesn't make much sense people buy consoles for their exclusives on top of the ease of use and convenience"

Lol, so maybe someone would buy X1 for the exclusives and ease of use over PS4.

I believe it is your logic that doesn't make sense.

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Hmmm mark down for personal attack or bad language? You fanboys always make these decisions so hard.

He simply wanted a question answered about the X1 and you felt it necessary to bring in the PS4 to the topic. He also stated early to someone else that he just wanted info on X1.

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@Everyone listing "year one" games PS+ gave

Those are what you got YOUR first year, PS+ wasn't great starting out in 2010.

LBP was never given on PS+, and games were not getting good until about early 2012. The only decent ones before that were games 15+ yrs old, which I'm sad I missed out on(started early 2013).

@Shin Master
You're drunk, that was not PS+'s first year. The only decent gam...

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The funny part, kid, is that I actually am a programmer or more specifically a Software Engineer.

Oh and missing features: MP3 Playback, DLNA, and 3D Blu-ray support. Just to name a few.

Oh, and the reason I use the term kid, is that no one who has been apart of the gaming community for over 10 years uses terms lik "butthurt".

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