The lunatic is in my head.
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@ darkride
But that's where personal preference comes into play.

Personally I'd take the Filet Mignon over the flat iron steak and two sides.

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You know what everyone he's right, this guy is totally butthurt.

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So the Wii had the best online experience last gen?

You're drunk, go home.

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Try having a bad past month...I'm a Denver fan :(

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You also don't need a NES to play does the X1 have anything to do with what he said.

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I love how all these experts know that there is 0 fanbase for KH on Xbox. I guess I wasn't excited about KH3 coming to Xbox One, who knew?

The KH franchise started on the PS2, that was what ~10 yrs ago. I guess there was now way in that amount of time anyone who played KH could have bought an Xbox.

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Name one game offered in the first two years of PS+ that could rival Halo 3 or AC 2.

I've seen enough of these PS+ vs GWG arguments enough that I have done my homework on it. The initial titles they gave weren't bad but extremely old and much smaller compared to the likes of AC2, Halo 3, or even Fable 3(scope of game not quality lol).

I do agree that since that hack PS+ started to improve at a great rate to reach t...

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Well it started when MS had their countdown to E3, which everyone knew meant a new console reveal. This caused Sony to push scheduling forward and reveal their system early. This caused MS to move up their plans and announce the console would be out in November. This in turn cause Sony to try and get a mid release in November to hopefully get out before the new Xbox.

And that is why we got two rushed consoles from Sony and MS that were missing basic features from last gen....

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GWG first 6 months were arguably better than PS+ first two years, just compare the games.

With that said, MS get the first year and a half in my book to make GWG a service that can rival plus. Plus obviously has the better games right now, but they have had years of experience with these types of deals to make it the best possible service they can.

MS just needs to have the same experimental process Sony did. If 2015 rolls around and there is still extremel...

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Everything except the estus flask glitch, I have never seen it and neither have my friends while playing.

We are a more hardcore crowd though and just try to beat the game with the mango rather than rely on the coconut.

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There's teams now? Haha, people on this site are just pathetic.

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F that, I don't want this game to only be PS4 as I don't own one. I want any souls game made by From to be available on a system I own. With Demon Souls being my favorite, a direct sequel to that one would be greatly appreciated.

We should be asking for a port of Dark Souls 2 to the new consoles, as I'd rather not bust out the 360 for one game.

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Sony fans and high road? Ha...hahaha. Oh, that is funny.

OT: I do agree with you though, it would be nice for one of the sides to just stop any bashing, because it could just stop most of the "console war".

But who am I kidding, fanboys are the most ignorant and ill minded people of the gaming community and they will probably never stop bickering. Like someone above stated, the moving goalposts of each side will just keep shifting.

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How hard is this to understand, the arcade section of the 360 contains Indies. Not every Indie on the 360 is located in the Indie section.

This is why most Xbox fans were fine with Xbox's original Indy plan, they have seen the s*** that appears when anyone can put their game up.

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I will admit that they didn't have all of the borrowing games/renting games stated. But they did state that they were going to implement a way to do this without the whole license transfer thing. This was announced way before launch so there was a slight chance it could have been implemented and explained before launch, but I'm an optimist.

As for the family share plan, you could share with 10 people, the shared games would be listed the same way as steam is trying ...

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Except they did explain the benefits to customer, several times actually. At one point they had a page on their site the thoroughly explained the benefits to having the "always online" practice.

The real problem is the way people handled it, to many people saw it as black and white without thinking about better solutions.

Answer me this, if they allowed the ability to play the game offline as long as the disc was in the drive, where is the problem ...

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You might want to look up Silent, cause the point he was making went right over your head.

Sony sales goal was 5 million by March 31, which means it was a success. If MS can hit that same goal with the X1, then logic would dictate that X1 is a success.

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And, believe or not, some of us would be extremely happy with the more online oriented console.

Just wish more people saw the benefits of their original plan. Still would have sucked for people with shotty internet though.

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"Learn to think just a LITTLE outside your own perceptions. It might serve you well."

If irony was made out of strawberries, we'd all be drinking a ton of smoothies right about now.

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Well "gamers" like you, I call them kids, can just go back to the same old COD and BF while people who enjoy TF can look forward to its release and sequel.

Come back when you have been playing games for more than 10 years.

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