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No, arguing about FREE games when you are paying for them. That is the dumbest excuse I have ever heard.

PS+ better value
XBL better infrastructure

That's how its always been, and Sony is already taking great strides to catch MS in on that front. We can only hope MS does the same to catch Sony on the games offering.

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I know I'm adding to the off topic part a bit, but lets say that we use the three separate A's given by DK as the definition for AAA.

If that is the definition of AAA, then I'm having trouble remembering a game that would actually fall under all three of those categories. Might even have to think back to PS2/Xbox days to think of one.

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If you think Septic is someone who trashes Sony, you apparently haven't paid much attention to his posts. He pretty much trashes on games for their faults and fanboys.

Bar one of the mods on this site, he might just be the most objective person around here.

Edit: Hell, just a quick look at his comment history shows his objectivity. Several comments in Sony related articles, all positive.

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SE isn't loyal to Sony so they have screwed with the FF fanbase?

I'm a huge FF fan and I'm an Xbox gamer, primarily. I don't see how they screwed me over, in fact going multiplat allowed me to own my console of choice why still playing FF.

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Haven't really seen anyone trying to spin this in a bad way. Only people who think that and defend Sony with their lives lol.

It's simple, Sony as a whole have not been very profitable. In order to increase profits they are trimming fat all around the company. The shares in SE were deemed unnecessary and could be sold for profit.

Pretty simple business right there. Sony isn't doomed, but they do need to make decisions like these to move the co...

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You pedophile, lol.

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I think everyone is missing the most obvious one:

Gears 2, Maria.

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Favorite would have to be Bethesda. Something about their games have always made me giddy to play them. An underdog type of studio i would consider is Obsidian. They always seem to make some of my favorite games. Hell even Bioware pre ME2 and DA2 would have been up there for me.

I always felt that Bethesda, R*, and Nintendo have had the consistently great games throughout the generations. If ND can stay at the level they have put themselves at last gen through this one, ...

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Best Studio? No.

A damn great quality studio? Yes.

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Agreed, I really don't want to shell out $400 just to play this game.

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DK, you know this site is more dominated by sony fanboys. Does that mean there aren't a few xbox fanboys, of course not. It can easily be shown by looking at the users of this site objectively.

There are people like Maria and green, both at their respective ends of the fanboy spectrum, and each have one bubble/get banned.

Then the next tier would be those who do find it necessary to bash Xbox or PS in almost every article, while clearly having an allegi...

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Being the second best FF game usually means the complete opposite of bad.

So you're right, it wasn't a bad game lol.

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To teach people map navigation while growing up, I feel it should be required to play TES 3: Morrowind. If any game make you laugh at the most complicated maps it is this game.

I would also call the process, Baptism by fire lol.

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How about a deal, I'll read your comment again, and you can look up to see my comment. It obviously went over your head.

Edit: Since I may not still be clear enough for you, Heavy is a high bubble troll. There are several of them on this site.

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That's going to take awhile, he has like 8 bubbles while trolling most of the day.

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By all of those games, what you mean is COD and MGS. BF4 is 900p, as you stated, and the others do not exist on PS4.

So, Xbone is next gen, because it has those games that PS4 does not. You know this little thing called exclusives, aka what people used to buy consoles for.

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Simple, TLOU is neither of those.

IntheLab's list doesn't really say much:
There are several games on Wii that would have been better with a 360 controller, Zelda anyone?

He gave an award to something he didn't necessarily like himself, aka kinect, which means he didn't let his personal feelings get in the way. That's kinda the opposite of biased.

Uncharted 3 wasn't worth the $30 I p...

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Xbox Live > PSN

PS+ > XBL Gold

It's been this way for years and I don't see it changing for awhile. Anyone who plays both PS3 and 360 and says that their online is equal are delusional. Quality of Live is well above PSN (Last Gen) it's just the fact that PSN didn't cost anything that made it on level value wise with Live.

That being said, with the income coming from the required online pay for PSN and the improvements ...

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Actually I have never been bubbled down by the users, every time it has happened an admin has contacted me about it or I have questioned why and the one who did it said why.

Hell, even look at your blogs. I've commented several times there in the past and we have even had some legit civilized arguments.

P.S. Don't try to question admins about debubbling you, it results in getting banned.

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This site went against its core a long time ago. The bubble system and community are only a small problem compared to the admins.

Use to be 5 bubbles, then lost them to an admin with a vendetta against me.

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