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Am I the only one that doesn't mind the whole switching discs concept? It gives a kind of nostalgic feel when it pops up "Pleas Insert Disc #", if I recall right the console that made me love this is made by a company most people here adore.

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Ya those great exclusives like Halo and Gears...oh wait PS3 had more exclusives, that doesn't mean better.

OT: History dictates that Xbox will have a better launch lineup than PS like this gen, but I guess your not psychic. Once E3 has gone by then we can discuss launch titles because we will actually know what each side is holding. Right now it is just speculation and we can only hope that both sides bring their A game so we can all benefit.

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There has always been one depending on which word is described as fictitious.

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This article makes me sad I just have my Ico and SOTC collection just sitting there unplayed.

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I think even if they did it right it would come out feeling fatigued like the console versions. This would be one game I wouldn't mind missing on the vita.

To your last part: That's why I don't hang out girls too much, they make your head ache lol. I prefer to hand out with my friends Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker.

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It should be against the law to get on the internet once your drunk or at least a breathalizer should be used on Paypal accounts....would save people a lot of time and regret lol.

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Best Idea Ever.

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Mayonnaise Rice 2: This Time Its Personal?

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Give a little credit to our public school system.

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I believe Fable 2 was a good game also, but the fact it didn't live up to that hype is why it was a disappointment. Being between the great RPG Fable, Lost Chapters was great, and the, what I felt, extremely short Fable 3 made people focus on those two installments which left Fable 2 as the bland middle child.

I sincerely hope they can properly revive this franchise. Fable Journey doesn't count as an installment, it is an abomination.

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The only one of those developers I really respect is ND. Never really like Killzone and don't think they should create more after already having a trilogy and this one. PD has made the same game since the PS1, but I can understand their fan following and continue to improve upon it. SSM lost all my respect once they changed the trophy name and made the section of the game easier(by this I mean losing integrity). ND at least creates new and very good franchises each gen.

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I actually agree, Sony fans seem to be the ones who hate "milking" the most so I would think they wouldn't want this to turn into their Halo. Personally I think almost all franchises from this gen need to end and everyone start over fresh.

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Perhaps copy wasn't the right word, maybe emulate would work well. I didn't mean nobody is creative rather, nobody is above trying to capitalize on a success someone else has had. A lot of games have gone for more generic shooter thanks to COD, Sony is trying to get into some of the market as the Kinect with their new Eye, and I'm sure you could find others from any other company as well.

That wasn't the main point I was making but I understand your concern....

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I think two or three people in these comments actually read the article. It has nothing to do with PS3 vs 360 we all know who would win that...the gamer you idiot.(I hate fanboys)

This article is about whether you should buy a current gen console or not, and my answer is yes. Great games on both sides and relatively inexpensive.

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How long was the GB in production compared to the PS2? Not trolling or anything just want to see how it did in the same time period as the PS2.

Edit: Just looked it up, looked like it had a longer life than the PS2, still both great systems.

Better question though, the Russian took Tetris, you have one handheld game to play for most of a year, what would you take?

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I always wanted to look more into the lore, but that multiplayer is addictive as hell.

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And I can't disprove win this round lol

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I find the menus to be extremely addictive looking for fuses and any combinable offerings, so I take that line as more of a compliment to the additional fun the menus provide to the whole game.

I find most reviews to have too much bias whether they are looking at a comparable game, previous installment, or just don't get the genre.

So excited for this game, getting out of work early to get it.

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"Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it"

They are trying to teach you a valuable lesson.

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A little harsh there don't you think?

The past 20 yrs in gaming has taught me two things:

1. Everyone copies Everyone

2. Nintendo can't die

They have been around long enough to know how to get back on the ball, lets just hope it's soon.

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