The lunatic is in my head.
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Funny enough, I did the same when you said real sport (Judo). I guess we all have different ideas of what a sport is.

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"Are you ignorant", "I don't have nothing", followed by the terrible grammar.

I suggest you take some time before you comment to avoid these mistakes. Also, in real life, you might not what to speak at social events.

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I just signed in for the first time in like 2 weeks just to point this out.

You immediately list off games that PC only players can't play that they should be envious about not playing, implying that they are great games.

You include TLOU as a great game, yet you then admit that you never played it. I submit that your use of logic in this argument should now be rendered invalid, if the dribble from your first post isn't already grounds of you irrel...

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Finally someone who understands what GOTG means. COD 4 by far was the GOTG. No, it was not the best game of last gen, it only accomplished revolutionizing a whole genre while also defining what last gen was all about.

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Yeah, that thing you're talking about for the PS4, has been done since the PS3 and 360. It's not sharing, it's playing games on your own account.

Hell, apply that logic to physical copies and we have had sharing plans since the beginning of gaming.

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I'm having trouble finding the words that show how much you have just failed this species at proving we are intelligent beings.

I guess the best I can do is say I might have to go to the doctor, as the logic you have used in your two post may have given me cancer.

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"HAVING the right to do something doesn't MAKE it right."

Great quote right there, people definitely have the right to complain about not being represented in games. But, as you have stated, that doesn't make it right.

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Man, I didn't know the PS4 had all those great games out right now. No one should be complaining if they have all those games to play right now.

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It was confirmed X1 and PS4 at last year's E3 I believe.

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I'm having a little trouble trying to express how idiotic the statements you have made are.

You're taking his quote out of context and adding secondary parts to the metaphor. Hell, even in your example, the person should still fix the tire before complaining to the company.

You have basically agreed with him, that people should stop complaining until after they, themselves, have created a game with a female lead.

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hmm, not that I doubt there are people who are legitimately disappointed with their X1 purchase, but one of your pieces of evidence is from a playstation site.

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The point:

Both consoles generally suck, compared to what could have been.

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Maybe you should look up the release date of the MC collection and Halo 2.

10 years+ club would include both Halo 1 and 2.

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You may have the most ignorant comment of the day. And, with E3 comments around that's saying something.

kurruptor didn't once complain or jump on the framerate like it was the end of days. The poster above him said if this was true others would have said so, he then reference several people complaining about the same thing.

You're the kind of person that complains that someone is living in the past when they correct someone for s...

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You do the same thing as people who don't like Killzone and Infamous games. Wait until there is enough games to warrant a purchase of the other console.

Bloodborne just isn't enough to make me buy a PS4 next year,although it is tempting on it's own, way more interesting games on X1 at the moment.

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It clearly says 2015 exclusive, so it comes to Xbox and PC in 2016.......that's right, I've actually convinced myself of that.

I guess I need to resort to delusions if I still want to keep hope of getting to play this without wasting $400.

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No, rumors will stop once From come out and say it's an exclusive for the PS4. I'm not saying it isn't, but this wouldn't be the first time I've read on here a game being exclusive for PS4 just to have it thrown back.

KH3, FFXV, Diablo 3(next gen version).

Even though there is a lot of evidence that it is exclusive, I just hope my dream of it coming out on X1 or PC is strong enough to make it true lol. Really don't want to buy a PS4 ...

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Team? I didn't know being a gamer was a team thing.

But, if you don't want to be a gamer that's fine with me. I will continue to enjoy games, and maybe just maybe, you can learn what that is like someday.

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I'm guessing you didn't watch E3 last year. You know when MS showed nothing but games while Sony showed TV, jabs at the competition, and whatever the hell Wonderbook was.

Call me old fashioned but we used to watch E3 for games for the upcoming years. Could have sworn this is why we laughed at MS for that 3-4 year terrible E3 span.

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@two above

Did you guys even watch E3 last year? MS conference had games, then some more games, and followed up with(wait for it) games.

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