The lunatic is in my head.
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You; haven't disappointed you yet. Do make great quality games though.

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Mario Kart
Super Smash Bros
Far Cry 4
DA: Inquisition
Shadow of Mordor
Bayonetta 2
Forza Horizon 2

The word bad, I do not think it means what you think it means.

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I've got a full time job, a lovely mortgage, a nice car loan, and a family to take care of. When I'm not doing these, I like to play video games, mainly online multiplayer, as it is something I can do to relax.

So forgive me and everyone else who spend their hard earned money and free time to enjoy a hobby in their busy lives.

Maybe if you have time to step down from that pedestal you keep yourself on you could see you are spending your time belittli...

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That's hilarious, you actually think the rules of this site are upheld here. Lost 3 of my bubbles because a mod got upset when I pointed out I had lost a bubble for bad language, when I didn't use bad language (used *'s as that is appropriate on this site), while others were actually using bad language in the same thread.

Arguing against an insecure moderator will get you minus 3 bubbles and a 30 day ban regardless of following the guideli...

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Yeah, cut that 15 hours Pintheshadows mentioned down to about 8 more hours of gameplay.

I would recommend going through and playing it as it does get much better than the beginning suggest.

Overall it is a great game, just don't expect it to be the second coming.....will surely disappoint there.

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Just a heads up, I don't think many, if any, stores are carrying the adapter by itself and it seems the best way is to get the bundle with the controller and game.

Only have been able to find that bundle at Best Buy as it seems other sites and stores are sold out.

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Is there no The Last of Us-Remastered deals anywhere? Was hoping to snag it for $30

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Name three games that are sexist.

Just getting one will be more than she could name.

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You know you're a sad person when....

#23: You actually believe there is a console war.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but pretty sure Pluto is a planet. Unless there was a third change.

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FF8 > FF7, sorry but that is never gonna change for me. Draw system > materia system, I think that is the biggest thing for me. Love both games though.

Also agree with legion, people always talk about FF7 but there is less mention of FF9 and FF6 which were both, IMO, the two FF games that can't be argued as less than or equal too FF7.

Of course this is just my view on how "good" each game is, FF7 is by far the most important for it makin...

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Man, you got every single part of that sentence wrong. Minus "high end PC" and "video card", I'm pretty sure it is just nonsense jumbled together to try and make a coherent troll comment.

P.S. Also, you should probably learn the difference between can't and doesn't.

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I don't think we will be gone from gaming in our mid 40s and older. It will take much longer than that to kill gamers who remember those days.

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No need to fret, their simulation engine isn't that good. I mean, they have the chiefs winning a playoff game and we all know that's not going to happen anytime soon.

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Hahahaha, alright kid, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. It could be argued that they made the best selection of games last gen and they are very talented. But, until Nintendo is wiped from history ND will never hold the accolades you are giving them.

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I kinda fall into that category he states and I've played all three Uncharted games and TLOU.

TLOU is great, hence the kinda, it's just not GOTG or near the best game of all time. UC1 was good, UC2 was overhyped, good quality game just not even the best of that year, and UC3 was just a disappointment after UC2.

Games can easily be overhyped and still deliver a good quality experience, it just means it wasn't as good as you thought it was going to...

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They wouldn't need to create a new IP, Gears was essentially Uncharted's rival last generation, so the logical step would be bring on the next Gears.

Take away the platforming Uncharted had and they were both just 3rd person cover shooters, just had different a different feel from each other.

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They said the same thing about bloodborne, and when I made the statement that it was going to be timed exclusive, not actually believing it would be, in come the insults and disagrees.

Like it or not, he does make somewhat of a point about the Sony fanboys on this site.

P.S. I really want bloodborne to be multiplat lol.

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So let me get this straight, you are using the Titanfall defense of 6 ppl make it more competitive, which I agree with and was used wildly in fanboy wars, but then go on to insult xbox logic.

You sir, lose this game logic, better luck next time.

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I think I have found the one person on this site who actually sees this game for exactly what it is: A great game with extremely high quality, but too many flaws to be considered among the best.

TLOU is overrated, to the extent that it is great not perfect.

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