The lunatic is in my head.
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Please, go on and on. The lack of coherency and false information you are spewing off is just hilarious.

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Time to sign in once again to inform some kid who gets off way too much on ND.

Mass Effect, Gears, bioshock, and LBP have something to say about greatest new series last gen. All four were superior to Uncharted, granted UC was in the top 5 of last gen.

As for TLOU of us being GOAT or let alone GOTG, the day a game with a good story and average gameplay is considered above games that provide great gameplay(COD4, Fallout3, RDR, Zelda, Mario(classic), Bioshoc...

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ND has had 3 console generations to make a best game....hasn't happened yet so I don't think them dragging out this series is gonna win it either.

The old ND didn't milk franchises, but I guess we are in a new type of video game era.

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I think you're over-selling the first two points quite a bit. The first bit seems pretty standard in using environment to add to the atmosphere, I mean you read a journal about people getting ready to leave and then you find their stuff gathered ready to leave....seems obvious.

The second part I can kind of see what you are looking at, but to me it always seemed they just didn't have a good out for that section and just left some things unanswered.


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You're proving LightofDarkness's point. They couldn't tell a good story through the game mechanics and instead used cinematics.

This is my problem with ppl saying TLOU was the best game ever. To get the full experience from the game, all you had to do was sit there and watch. Sure that can make for a good "experience" but not for a game.

It's like watching a movie, but halfway through it asks you to pick up yo...

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Don't bother @Light, on this site those two decent games are considered "Innovative" and "Perfect".

People on this site have become so delusional they point to those two franchises as the pinnacle of gaming....just sickening.

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I was speaking from a review and sales point of view when referring to which one is "better".

Everyone will have their different opinions of which of each group is better, as they should since they are the ones who will play these games. I was simply giving an objective view on how the industry would look at these games with those two stats.

Also I agree, all of those franchises are impressive in their own rights and deserved to be loved, or hated,...

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The thing I love about the whole "Only Gears, Halo, and Forza" defense is that people don't seem to understand quality vs quantity.

Forza > GT
Gears > UC
Halo > Killzone

All the above in reviews and sales, with the exception of Forza sales.

It was pretty simple, Sony if you wanted a broad scale of very good games( GOW, Metal Gear, TLOU with the included above). Or, MS with a core lineup of great games. ...

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The same way Sony would save it...except actually allow the creators to own their IP rather than hoard it for themselves.

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So The Last of Us in space, I new ND had a space game in the works.

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I always see comments like this and I start to think, doesn't each of the big 3 have a history of great exclusives dating back to their beginning?

Can't think of a gen that these were in where they didn't deliver great exclusives.

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Thanks, I assumed it was a enemy that killed you type of thing, but thought that I got it much earlier than that once. Could be the whole purple eyes thing, I will look out for that.

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I read this review to see if i could put the very few things I disliked about bloodborne into words.

Standing still the graphics look amazing, the environment looks detailed and great with the atmosphere. But begin to move and everything starts to look a bit muddled. Not bad, mind you, but just underwhelming.

Also movement, at first I thought it might be it just moves faster and I needed to adjust, but this is something the article gave me the right word to...

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Anyone who seriously thinks TLOU is the best game ever has not been in gaming long.

Tedakin summarized it perfectly, generic gameplay but still a GREAT game, no were near best.

Edit: Lol, just read the link you gave, these are the same people that put Goldeneye above perfect dark, and FFVII above VI and IX. That's great "proof" there kid.

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Stop asking me, it's their game design not mine. :)

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Hell, I think you two are the ones that are blind. I mean yeah his comment is a little trollish, but it still holds true. Using trailers as reasoning for the quality of a game before it is released is pretty naive.

Granted I think it will be a good game, hope it's great, just by looking at the souls series that came before it. But as God of War taught me, it can go downhill fast.

Still there is no reason to deem a game good or bad before it has been pr...

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Have yet to find a scene more emotional than Maria and Dom's in Gears 2. Hell even Dom's moment in Gears 3 is pretty high up there.

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Gears > UC

Next excuse?

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Don't lob factual statements at him as if they were insults.

Just because you weren't happy with the Xbox's original plan doesn't mean everyone was against it.

Also, learn some of the facts before claiming what could not be done. Why is there no mark down for straight up slander lol.

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All good, never meant to imply you were the only one not disappointed. Just making sure you weren't generalizing that they don't disappoint everyone.

Pretty sure 3 disappointed the majority of the fanbase, while 2 was just a personal disappointment for me. Still great games just disappointing.

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