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The price point is the initial launch. It's all part of many ISP's here in the states starting a push to DOCSIS 3.0 (wideband).
DOCSIS 3.0 can go to insane speeds of 160 down and 120 upstream in a lab. Expect real world possibilities of 100 down and 20-60 up I would predict.
When that becomes the norm instead of DOCSIS 2 which can never pass 20-30 megs I'm sure the price will come down.

We should look at this as a great step in the right direction. I will see what h...

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GTA4 will hopefully be another amazing game from Rockstar. I agree that there will be differences between the consoles but lets just take a step back and realize one thing. WHO cares! I'm sure they will both rock. I hope both systems get a great game. It promotes competition.

Gears pushed many developers into making something better not just on 360 but on PS3. PS3 first parties strive to top 360 first parties and the winners are US! Fanboys cry all you want and take your silly...

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If EGM is correct and has proof that they were pulled due to poor reviews then that is a shame. I don't agree that Halo was 10 but it is a solid and good game full of innovation.
Sharing, editing and recording is a huge deal.
I wouldn't say they are xbox slaves. They have rated 3's to many 360 games. GOD did those games deserve it too.
Superman Returns: The Videogame 3
Shrek the 3rd 3
Vampire Rain 3


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It's a shame that we as gamers cannot seem to just enjoy the success our hobby is having. Why do we constantly need to trash one system over the other? Xbox 360 had a great year overall. Great games etc. I don't see the need to bring it down. If 360 does well and the systems split the market then we as gamers enjoy a golden age of gaming.

I have a wii and a 360 and hope to get a ps3 when they come down in price along with more exclusive games. Each system has it's strengths an...

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This just gives credit to the fact that the 360 is easier to work with. You can develop the game on PS3 and move it over from that environment with identical results to the xbox. BUT if you optimize for 360 you cannot do the same for the PS3 without some issues or frame rate problems.

This seems to point to a clear fact that MS built an easy and robust system to work on.

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I disagree with the fact that PLAY feels the need to spoil most of the key events ME in their review. Why would someone go watch a movie if the critic states a bunch of situations that are supposed to be experienced and not told.

I think ME is an amazing game. It held my interest all the way through. For a new IP I think Bioware did an incredible job. I would lean to a 9 score myself but 8.5 still is fine so long as you explain it better then PLAY does.

PLAY als...

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I don't know what you guys are talking about my rock band plays great with guitar heros guitar. The Rock band (supposedly superior) guitar worked well the first day and now i miss tons of notes etc.

It's a shame. I can see now why it was a good price. Sub par hardware make for a sub par experience. If i didn't already own guitar hero and it's guitar I would be PISSED. Drums so far are okay along with the mic but i'm not holding my breath.

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I honestly don't care so long as the story is intact. I personally am straight and would prefer a straight character because it helps with the empathy if we share the same tastes *even if he's an alien*.
In a game like Mass Effect one can decide orientation and outcomes of sexual situations. It's a game based on choice.

SO, in a game such as that I don't care if they CAN be gay. I care that there is a choice. If clive Barker wants a gay protagonist then he should make ...

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I cannot wait for their next game. I think Indigo Prophecy was by far one of the best overlooked games of the last gen. Interactive movie at it's finest. Those new mo cap scenes only make me crave the next game all the more.

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I never understand why people continue to state that 360 owners only like shooters. If the 360 has such a high attach rate for games wouldn't it be safe to assume that we buy more then one type of game?
Let me remind you again that Playstation was new and RPGs never sold well and Square took a chance and brought it to the PLAYSTATION and made tons of money many years back.
Why you ask? They actually marketed it! If the casual market saw that the 360 had more casual games that a...

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Fear not Squarenix! I will buy your future titles.
I will support you if you release for 360. Nothing against PS3 since i'm sure i'll buy one eventually. I just am very happy with the games on my 360 atm.

For those of you who say Squenix is loyal to only SONY please realize that they are a company that is out to make money. They jumped ship and broke ties with NINTENDO many years ago because they FELT the PS was going to be the better system. PS1 at that time was a new...

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As an avid rpg fan, especially TRI ACE games! I must get this game. Blue Dragons only fault was that it wasn't promoted. I didn't see any comercials for it on TV (which I feel is essential nowadays) to help people see that there is more then mature FPS's on the 360. I really think MS should double or Triple its efferts in the marketing dept. Blue Dragon is an incredible game which only gets better as you progress. It should not be overlooked.

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I fail to see why games are the bastard step child of entertainment. We gamers spend more per year then movies, music and dvds etc. Why aren't we in the very least held to their standards? How can you compare a pixel based videos violence to real world violence *or simulated violence*. Go watch SAW or any other gore fest movie you'll be be amazed that it gets rated R which is 17 or above yet video games would easily get AO.
This is clearly stupidity at it's finest.
Even other ...

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Lost Odyssey looks great. I'm enjoying Blue Dragon, but the area I think it needs more tweaking in is difficulty and It appears that LO doesn't suffer from over easy enemies. LO looks like a definite buy for me. FF13 also looks great and I'll want to get that too but didn't they push it back to 2009 or something? Regardless, I'm in rpg heaven this winter.

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Blue dragon is an incredible game. It may follow a comfortable path and simplistic story but the polish is second to none. I played this with my neice and nephew watching and they were floored with the graphics and feel of the game. They said it's nicer looking then any cartoon(anime) they've seen.
I realize I'm giving you all the kids reaction to this game but I'll tell you I got sucked into this game a good hour or so into it. There is no doubt in my mind that they should make anoth...

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First, I would like to state that I'm a fan of GAMES and not hardware. I normally purchase all the systems as they accumulate larger libraries of high quality games. I currently own the 360 and have had none of these issues from both my launch systems. I also know 20+ close friends whom have purchased the system with no issues as well. If this was indeed true I would expect at least 2 or 3 of them to have had RROD by now.

Regardless of those facts and even if this *NEWS* was i...

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I love how Devil May Cry and Biohazard 5 are only labeled as PS3 games. If i look at that list I see

8 PS3 games
4 Xbox 360 games
4 Wii games
3 NDS games
2 PS2 games

I would say that the 360 having the same number of wanted titles as the Wii is nothing to sneeze at. Shame they never reflect it on the list correctly.

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Kudos to MS and Epic for their plans for these new maps. I for one am happy that they are clear as to the cost and when it will be available for free. People who wish to purchase them can and those that don't get want to pay can still get it for free soon enough.
While I understand many want it for free and I can understand it's a common practice on the PC front, I know that making a gaming product needs countless man hours and effort and those parties need to be paid. If my 800 point...

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Why wouldn't you take the word of the owners? Owners are the ones with the first hand knowledge of the system. The whole story if very poor reporting for a number of reasons.
No visible evidence the system is hooked up correctly.
We don't see the game *both Sides* prior to putting it in.
There is no follow up game put in.
No system reboot (power off and on) to see if it happens again
The system had NO RED LIGHTS.
The video simply shows a disk error. N...

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I have a few things to say in regards to this constant red light of death issue. I own 2 360 from launch (for myself and my girl) and never got the red lights. I also have 17 real life friends that bought 360's and out of us all only one had an issue with his system. I just upgraded my personal LAUNCH 360 to an elite for the storage and have played it all day with no issues. It's a bit quieter in fact. (not much so though). Sadly I think there are people with far to much time that enjoy bring...

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