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Halo Wars 2 is the only thing that matters to me. lol

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Depends on what version you're talking about. Consoles is $60 and PC is $40 the least expensive version.

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Legendary game that gave us the incredible Halo Dominance from 2007-2010 where millions played the game.

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I play it a lot on Xbox 360. It's a fun arcade game with many tanks from 7 nations.(USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, China, Japan). (8 nations in PC with Czechoslovakia which is gonna be added soon)

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Exactly. # don't do crap and it shows the hypocrisy of people.

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Make Valve games exclusive for Steam OS? I think they haven't crossed that level of stupidity yet.

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Yes!! Dino Crisis needs to return!

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We're in a Sony dominated generation and Halo is Miscrosofts biggest franchise. Go figure.

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Indeed my friend! Halo is back!

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Why not. Halo has Videogames, novels,comics,board games, toys, movies and a big fanbase that loves the lore and wants to see even more. Also they are going to make a TV-Series. So yeah it has the potential and I personally would love some Spartan-II action on the big screen.

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Agreed man the lore is fantastic for sci-fi enthusiast. This franchise if handled correctly can become similar to Star Wars selling movies, toys, making tv-series and expanding more of the lore in the novels and games.

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Glory to PC gaming and may it keep on growing.

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The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod is available on the KOTOR 2 workshop in Steam. It fixes a lot of bugs and adds cut content to the game.

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Agreed. I hope they do this with KOTOR 1 also.

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It was never exclusive to begin with...

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Exactly. Halo:Reach was nothing like The Fall of Reach book.

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It's better to stick with Battlefront 2 PC where the mods have kept it alive for years.

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One of the best Star Wars games along with the Battlefront, KOTOR and Empire at War games.

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Lunatics Unite!

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Agreed WoT 360 is the reason I still play my 360 weekly. xD

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