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is not only first for gaming but is also really kool

he was negative throughout that explanation so many things he did not need to say, we dont care about his preference..as a reviewer you need to be neutral and explain what it is whats happening and put your fanboy issues to on side, he clearly didnt,it was all about him and his dislike for home

he sounded soo upset home was doing something amazing you could actually hear him talking through gritted teeth,ho...

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this is not only embarrassing and full of fail....its scraping the barrell

its making me realise that i have only gears 3 to look forward to for my 360 im just like WTF

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errrrm where was the bashing?

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in reality this is a old procedure and VERY old news, which also includes using the 360 and portable music systems.....NOT JUST PS3


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NO....exactly wheres the common sense...cod was a broken mess as soon as it hit retail shelves

activision are a greedy company now trying to pass the buck over their own failings,.....pity that the issues regarding cod were roasted since day one.

wiis hacked 360s hacked have they stopped selling or have nintendo and ms stopped support?

but this article makes some good points

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wait no 50

n4g is madness

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ms need all the publicity they can get for wp7 have you seen the sales figures?

its practically bombed,they wouldnt release numbers then released shipped numbers it was all a mess and ms got called out on it by engadget

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prefer the pixelated version the ps3 version lacks the nostalgia

and why is the ps3s ferrari NOT A DROP TOP? i like to see the girlfriend sitting in the passenger seat

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for a couple graphical glitches in the DLC dont spend £40 on the game noooo no no no

by ubiquitious's logic spend £200 on a 360,£30 on me2 on multiple discs and that way your better off?

where have the smart fanboys disappeared to? seriously

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uncharted 3
last guardian
la noir
infamous 2
gears 3

i think you should rethink your comment then lightly slap yourself not to cause damage but to remind you to not be so silly

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troll harder fanboy

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it was abbreviated like this while gears of war was just a twinkle in cliffs eye years before gears hit retail shelves

show respect both great great games but GOW is god of war,GeOW is gears of war

sony should have copyrighted the abbreviation

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why do some sites talk trash for hits?

its beyond annoying...fabricating truth for attention.... 52min for 4gb of data?

year 2011 and you expect me to believe that? yet i have the quite rubbish sky broadband and can download a 7gig blu ray film in 50 min

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one of my favourite games ever

cant wait for davids next project

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diversity is games like braid,flower or journey....

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i love apple products (apart from iphone to restrictive), ive got a mac,ipod definitely getting ipad2 dunno why people bought the first its obvious the new version would be better in every way (going by the leaked specs)....i hope to see steve on stage showing us the ipad2 and iphone 5

quality products from his vision get well mate

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i love my mac

edit: ive just heard it MAY be cancer,prayers go out to the whole family,wishing steve a full bill of health if it is.

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some of the stories that get through on n4g just make you won der.

@digi i agree with you aslong as pirated games are not in the equation, for all the hacking stories we've not yet seen pirated games on the ps3 like the wii and 360,maybe its too hard to pirate blu-ray? multi-plat games due to there size could be pirated maybe but exclusives would be more bother than its worth

sony should have just banned the pirated consoles like ms do, this court issue i...

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the ugly side of gaming.....to all those who do pirate games..... suck my d*ck

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below the belt dude

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