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During year 1 (much of which was possibly covid related anyway, when Sony designed it they speculated the drives of the needed speed would be coming to market sooner possibly...) when there were no choices to upgrade- XBOX guys jumped all over the playstation about this.... Now that things have caught up to Sonys level and SSDs fast enough are EASILY available and cheaply XBOX guys will still find some copium to grasp on and claim its a BAD thing somehow to have them available. Just ever...

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True.. I do like the setting and basis of FF12 but yeah it has its boring parts and the battle system was like.... a betrayal LOL. I actually like the 13 games and they WERE well liked considering they kept making them.

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Dont say that til you see GTA6.. Tons of talk of cutting almost all of the "problematic" shit

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Ive been a fan a long time... get excited for every Ys game.

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Ill burn it later and let you know if I am about to bust or not.

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Thats basically what happens every time. Its STAND WITH WOMEN and BELIEVE WOMEN and WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE until they realize the person they were so adamant needed their support turns out NOT to be a drone who agrees with them on every issue.

Just wait, if people actually start realizing what actually happened in Ukraine over the last decade.... oohhhh boy.

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If youre going by when the thing was developed...Silent hill began development for PSX in 1996- before the XBOX (DirectX Box) was ever a twinkle in microsofts eye.. DirectX itself was rudimentary and janky at that time , and half a decade before Microsoft would get their console out the door.

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I was paid by the line or word doing voiceover work not by the hour- but it was so many years ago. Or by the job not by the hour based on a provided amount of text / work, I have heard it being done "by the episode" as well when it has to do with a contract. Never by the hour though- because you agree to perform as expected and complete the project when you take the job and accept the pay.

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Well, its a matter of precedent in usage of your copywritten intellectual property. It also opens itself for use or interpretative representation of your works or property in a way you didnt approve of. Like imagine you were a model and you made money on your face and you had your own magazine and your own cologne line.
You retire and a couple years later I begin to print my own magazine using your name and image and put
whatever I want in it, and you have no control over...

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Until it costs sony tons more to ship with the cost of fuel or the general cost of other materials rises everything else including even the cost of manufacture.... the bare PART may cost 12 percent less to make than the old part in this economy but if the cost of making the old part went up 15 percent, what then?

Also when you say "costs US" remember the price was raised in some regions and not others, part of the reason for this is also inflation, money is wo...

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That still places it easily at the best selling VR headset of all time so far. Remember the SEGA GENESIS sold like 30 million and it seemed like everyone had them. If you sold 20 million in the USA it means one in every 6 US households - but we are talking about worldwide but still I feel like 20 million would be quite a lot for a VR set. AT THIS POINT in time.

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The AMD driver thing is literally just people repeating what they have heard from other people repeating what they heard from other people echoing down through the years.

Its like when you hear someone impersonate a Russian and mention communism and call each other Comrade in 2022 (Nobody under retirement age(in the 50s usually in russia) was an adult during communism which ended 3 decades ago)

Or like when you hear people say english people have bad t...

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I highly doubt there is any new "hardware knowledge" to be gained on ancient maxwell cores and a mobile CPU- but maybe they have had time to refine it, though its still a game that has to run smoothly on a launch switch in handheld mode without it running the battery down in minutes- so the game is going to be what the game is going to be- art style not technical prowess.

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Tonb raider was on saturn and pc not any kind of exclusive and legacy of kain was very playstation at the time but soul reaver was also on other stuff but yeah I get you I guess. Tomb raider was better on saturn if you compare launch hardware. The rev c graphics chip the psx got shortly after improved banding in textures and made tomb raider equal or better on playstation, but prior to that it was better on saturn, tiny tiny bit.

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If there was nearly as much effort put into the game as the art style.... I would really think highly of this. I do have my doubts given the facial animation but.. I guess they are focusing on the gameplay. PLEASE let that be the case. Not that the game or any game is made or broken on its facial animation but its been bad in a lot of the trailers ive seen- but the combat and characters look good otherwise.

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Well.... I would agree with you if they hadn't been milking the original game via digital sales for almost a decade they've released and updated the game multiple times now but the expensive part - motion capture and voice work and all the time storyboarding and making the engine , composing the sound track, was done a decade ago and paid for itself many times over already.

Giving the game a light face lift a decade after the fact and charging the same as a game...

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Imagine calling MDK underrated....

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They couldn't get a regular halo game out either on time or in a satisfactory state. No shock this was shelved

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An infamous man in my circle of friends, having been huge sega fans throughout, rest well sir.

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