Forget about the curve ball Ricky, give him the heater.


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This is old.

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Wrong velocity is translated into rotational energy.

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3rd times the charm, gamingbolt, you are pathetic.

Also this video is fail, many a crashes in racing happening almost identical to this, maybe study up on conservation of momentum. 2 identical bodies colliding causes a swap in energy, derp da derp.

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Hahahahaha, forza cars have graphics, hahahahaha, forza cars are on par with standard gt5 cars.

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Well at least some enjoy guitar hero, shift is just shit stuffed with an f.

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Retard of the week goes to this guy.

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Same AI, but the forza audi looks like shit.

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Was there a bigger flop then the first shift game? hahahaha, trying to ride some coat tails, doubt it will work out well for them.

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Translation: "Fuck DVD-9!"

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Bullshit, if they cant play enough of the game the review is worthless, also saying they have other games to review has to be the lamest excuse I have ever heard.

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So T9x69, posting gt prologue pictures as gt5 isnt trolling, hahaha, what a troll, a terrible one at that.

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Remove these and look again.

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Hahaha, sold out everywhere!

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Cosmetical? hahahahaha

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Game has just as many problems on the 360.

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Nobody wins this comparison, what a load of crap this game is.

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