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But they are. Or will you pretent that they never existed?

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When I stopped being a spoiled teenager with time and some money.

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Sony strategy is the same, make Sony like Nintendo.

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But developers still haven't abandoned old gen and low end computers. When they will leave this market has been delayed much longer than anyone predicted or would like, but it is not possible to grapple with reality, or think that we will see 2025 in 2022. The article is right.

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Because GaaS

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You will.

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I understand what he means. But he seems to forget that he is making a video game and dealing with gamers, an extremely obtuse community that only understands binary ideas and simplistic concepts. He's asking for sensitivity and nuance from a group that only understands truisms and simplicity. It's all his fault for not understanding the audience he's addressing.

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Yeah! This game is only possible because current gen.

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Sony just combine PS4 and PS4 Pro too.

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I didn't know. Tks.

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They are ready to be bought.

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Thanks Sony, for giving meaning to my life.

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Why? I like Ubisoft games. And looking to the sales a lot of people agree with me.

And the icon fest is a Ubi staple from assassins creed and dar cry, that influenced a lot of games like the witcher, spiderman, Ghost of Tsushima and more.

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I don't want to wait until PS6 is out. Hoping it will be current gen only.

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Cool. I like ubisoft games and how they influenced all OW games that are critics darlings.

I hope this game to be current gen only.

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The irony of console gamers calling something a boomer.

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How can I compare my e-penis with other gamers' e-penis with these games? They are ruining the only happines that I have in my empty room.

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I'll say that I hate this game, because it's a Ubisoft game and I want to be cool with gamers.

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It's like saying Nintendo is guilt about Link and Peter Pan.

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