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And if they are facts, why did the game get so much critical acclaim? Please, don't say that "Bethesda obviously bribed the reviewers". It is a good game, it has its faults like many other games. I just separate the problems from what the developers intended to do with the game.
Majority of the game's mechanics work well, killing guards is enjoyable, as is sneaking through the levels and it feels satisfying.

For your information, I have played all th...

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Look, we know you don't like the game. Sure, to each their own, but your so called "facts" are actually so untrue they make my head hurt. Yes, the AI could use some work, but as to the art style, what the hell, man? Since when has Bioshock taken place in the Victorian London or Dishonored in a goddamn underwater city? There's absolutely zero resemblance. And even if it was similar to Bioshock's, wouldn't that be more of a positive thing, rather than negative seeing a...

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Yeah, actually I have. I've played games since the latr 90s. What's it to you?

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Implying CoD looks good on any platform.

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"Much better than R-Factor PC". No, GT5 cannot best R-Factor in simulation, but GT5 is a more enjoyable game. But a better driving sim it is not.

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Really? Are you serious? The game has only been out for a month or so, and it's getting price cuts due to Black Friday. Sure, Horizon might cater to a niche audience as it's more of an arcade racer than the Motorsport series.

I could be an immature brat and start linking GT5 Metacritic scores but that's completely stupid and unneeded.

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Good news, in my opinion. I'm positive that the SP experience will be more complete as the devs can focus all their time and resources into making it an epic experience.

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I like the game! Night races are my favourite, especially around the Nurburgring!

In my opinion, both Forza and GT are great series.

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I think the length is just right for telling a story on a game like Tomb Raider.

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http://www.joystiq.com/2012... Killer Instinct on XBLA might happen, you know. Fingers crossed.

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Being an indie developer grants you more creative freedom.

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They've sold well nevertheless.

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The only TS game I've ever played was TS2 and I have very good memories of that one.

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Uhmm.. Lost Odyssey is the first that comes to mind. It is one of the most emotional games out there. I love it. Also, the Mass Effect series made me shed a few manly tears.

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Seriously, we KNOW that the PC will always be superior, graphically, to the console versions. We know that, and we don't need some PC elitist telling us that in every graphics comparison article.

Seriously, PC is an amazing platform but PC fanboys are worse than console fanboys.

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Sorry, but what does Nintendo have to do with this article? Did you happen to mean MS, by any chance? ;)

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Who would disagree with you? You are absolutely correct. Microsoft has competed with Apple for many years now.

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I see. Well, for me, this year has been slightly underwhelming. There have been quality release for sure. Dishonored, Mass Effect 3, The Witcher 2 for the 360 and Halo 4, but I don't know, I still feel a little underwhelmed. I might be spoiled by last year's superb lineup of games.

Oh, and Dust: An Elysian Tail was an impressive game and extremely beautiful. Glad to see it was nominated in the Best Arcade Game of 2012 category.

As for next year, I&#...

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That's your opinion, then. True, the main story is nothing spectacular but I've spent about 200 hundred hours on the game, just wandering around without any destination, doing guild quest and so on.

I love the artistic design and the game, to me, looks absolutely breathtaking. Especially at night when you can see the northern lights etc.

Just because you don't like the game, doesn't mean it's bad and lazy. You've got to look at it obje...

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I wouldn't call Skyrim a "lazy game". Sure, it was, and is a glitchy game, but not by any means lazy. If you look beyond the glitches, you'll see an amazing world with tons to do, an amazing lore, amazing music and spectacular atmosphere.

It is by no means a flawless game, far from it, but it is far from lazy.

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