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Yeah, not really. It's not like Eidos can just start developing a dating simulator and make SE publish it.
Square tells them what to do and on what platform because Eidos is owned by Square.

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Right. Some of these people are being very childish over an insignificant review score that hardly means anything to them.
And it's still a pretty damn good score.

Can not understand

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Come on now guys. Since WHEN did 8 become a bad score?
What's wrong with you guys?

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Hell yeah, AC:NL got a solid 9/10, can't wait!

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TW2 and Crysis 3 on PC look leaps and bounds better than TLOU and with 60fps.

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This is the EA effect in practice, people. Fuck up the vision of the developers, resulting in an uninspired game that won't sell at all.
EA is the worst damn company in the business.

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I'd like to get one at some point, but there are about 2-3 games that interest me. And one is an enhanced port of an old title.
But it's a sexy console.

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You must think CoD is the best series ever created because every title sells millions of copies.
Besides, GT5 was a goddamn trainwreck at launch. That's not to say it isn't a good game, but it was disappointing compared to previous entries.

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Do you remember how PS3's and 360's launch games looked back then? Compare them to the current games. The difference in graphics is huge.
And Wii U's launch games are looking much better visually than PS3's did in 2007.

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I think Fire Emblem Awakening should be on that list instead of BF4 and CoD:Ghosts. I mean, the game is amazing.
GTA V will probably win GOTY, though.

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People were saying the exact same thing about 3DS, and look at it now. It's selling by the thousands.

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You know, I would definitely do that if there were Bestbuys or Targets where I live :/
So it's a bummer that I cannot try it myself, but I'd love to get a Wii U at some point.

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I've got a question for you about the gamepad. How does it feel in your hands despite its big size? Is it comfortable to hold for long periods of time?

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How so? If I was a reviewer, I would express my opinion on it even if it was a mediocre game in my opinion.
Not every low score is given to attract "hits".

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People cannot have different tastes nowadays? Why?

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I've always preferred the 360 controller because I have big hands, so it fits in my hands much better.
The Dualshock controllers are great, too.

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I'd really do anything for another Lost Odyssey game.
But no matter how many amazing exclusives Xbone might have, the console and its restrictions don't ring the right bells for me.

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I'd LOVE another Lost Odyssey. In my opinion, it was the best JRPG of this generation. It was a very traditional one, yes, but its music, emotional short stories, likable characters and PHENOMENAL music were simply fantastic.
Too bad MS will never invest in another LO game.


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Is this really a surprise? As it is, Playstation 4 looks like a much better product for gamers. The games and the developers alike are the focus of attention on PS4.
It ought to pay off.

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And we have Sony and Nintendo to thank for that. They're very much in touch with their fanbases.
Thank god.

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