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Microsoft and Nintendo have an insane amount of vaporware right now lmao. Meanwhile Sony just constantly pumping out highly rated games. Then there's multiplatform devs like CDPR LMFAO.

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AAA PC gaming is dead lmfao. I can't return to that garbage after God of War. Didn't everyone upgrade solely for Cyberpunked 2077? Yikes.

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Cyberpunk, Elden Ring and Dying Light 2 hard delays from lack of optimization for the numerous platforms it wants to release on says hello. God, I hate people who talk about things they know nothing about.

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The game tanked after initial sales from the first game's momentum and will be forgotten. Naughty Dog is done as a studio, might need 4-5 years to release another game after Sony patches it up. So stop complaining about it. The gameplay and graphics make up for the dogshit torture porn story anyway.

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Use your brain. A PS4 can't possibly run that. A PC would have issues too.

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Lmao Shadow of the Tomb Raider cost 135 million??? The game had zero innovations and was actually a downgrade from the previous game. That's crazy. So even post leftist takeover naughty dog is superior to multiplatform studios. Sony really is king.

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Sequels are better. But only Sony sequels lol.

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Can you play Nioh 2, FF7 Remake, Persona 5 Royal, TLOU2, Ghost of Tsushima, Dreams, Spiderman Miles, Ratchet & Clank 2, Demons Souls etc. on an RTX 3000 gpu? Lmao no games.

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The future is looking really grim for PC and Xbox. They have absolutely nothing to look forward to next-gen. I can't imagine bothering with gaming without owning a PS5 at this point. It's never been this bad.

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The game is releasing on 7 platforms. What do you expect?
ExClUsIVeS aRe bAD FoR tHe iNdUsTrY!!!

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No Batman? Now im hyped.

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Game looks worse than Dishonored 2 graphically

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They finally undid the suit downgrade that no one talked about. It's finally reflecting light again, get rekt people who used puddles as an excuse for the downgrade.

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You must have extremely low standards. I can't fathom people who give Bandai Namco's recycled half assed cash grabs money.

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Next gen sony will dominate harder than ever before. It's gonna be weird. PC isn't getting next-gen games till 2022 along with Xbox and Nintendo is still last-gen. So a PS5 is the only platform worth getting lmao.

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it looks like fortnite bro. that's depressing.

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They probably just wanted to attract fortnite simpletons without a shred of standards.

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Looks last gen compared to Horizon. Crysis remastered too. PC/Xbox is even more garbage than I thought.

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Both are garbage and proof that Sony shouldn't give creative freedom to delusional madmen. Thank Fuck for God of War or gaming would be done.

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