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If you have't allready, check the new episode of GT.TV. They show a little bit of new footage and it looks freaking stunning.

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I think 3rd party games will look more equal than ever before. It's the first party that'll count.

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Someones emotions are out of control.

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That's the exact opposite of what you said. Indie means indapendent wich in turn means that they are not controlled by any publisher/coorporation. They are free to say and do whatever they want.

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First of all, not all people can afford both consoles. I for example will only buy the PS4 to start and maybe at the end of the lifecycle, I'll buy a X1. Then you end your statement with "That is, once the PS4 shows me something that will make me want one", even though moments ago you wrote "My advice is to just go with both, just so you can experience the miraculous feeling of not having to side with either one as if your lives depended on it", well for many people, o...

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" Remedy wants to blur the line between television and gameplay, integrating the two into one seamless, uniquely immersive experience."

That's the part I compared the two. We know nothing about the gameplay, that's for sure. But at least how the story is told seems to be quite similar.

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Lol easy, people wont cancel their preorders just because DriveClub got delayed :).

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To be honest, non of them are that great. There are 1 really awesome game on each platform, one being Forza and the other being KZ:SF. Ryze has mostly gotten negative feedback so far, you can't deny that. So if anything they are on par. The good thing with PS4 is though, that you'll have tons of free games to play until things will be serious.

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I'm no sony fanboy, but watch how this will get 10's while Beyond Two Souls got mixed reviews.

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That is not coming from the general public, that is coming from fanboys of both camps. Fanboy logic changes its agenda to see it fit. Xbox fanboys said Heavy Rain, GoW etc was QTE fest, but now praise Ryse. Sony fanboys said sales don't matter, but now they are quick to say that KZ:SF is outselling everything on xbox. Just ignore them and move on.

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Damn, I was really looking forward to play Driveclub, but oh well, I'll just play KZ:SF and AC:BF.

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Man the PS4 has easily the best design of all PS consoles. It looks downright gorgeous. It's futuristic in design but still manages to hold it classy and sleek. Can't wait for it.

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There are two types of this lean and peek thing. I remember you could use the Q and E buttons in Medal of Honor I think and other late 90's early 2000 games. But this automatic lean and peek I think was first used in Vietcong wich came around mid 2000.

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Gawd damn, that harpoon and the elite helghast forces looks awesome.

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You might not jizz in your pants or cock throbbing, but the rest of us do so please shut it.

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The new bad guys seems awesome.

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"Venom, Gambit, Cyclops, Cammy, Sakura, Dhalsim and Guile are just a few of the names that would have been better additions to the game than the three aforementioned fighters above."

Well ofc those heroes aren't in the final build. Capcom need interesting characters for their DLC. No one would spew out dollars for heroes like Super Skrull and Modok.

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Thank you lord...I mean Sony.

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"The brutal nature of the Vietnam conflict has never been done justice in video games."

I want to remember a game called "Vietcong" wich was pretty damn good. The way i remember it anyway.

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Is CoD: Black Ops and CoD 7 the same game? I'm confused.

EDIT: Nvm, I red the article.

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