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lol at Blackcanary's disagree.

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by the way guys i dont hate the Xbox (in fact i kind of want one), i am just sick of seeing negative stories all the time. Stuff like this isnt news. Its FUD spreading.

I will ask the question again. Are we gamers or haters?

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instead of being gobsmacked go and do the research

Here i will do the legwork for you.

And before you attack BOTH MS's sales and Sonys are predicted sales.

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This crap needs to stop ASAP. The PS3 and Xbox dont need saving. Whoever submitted this should be ashamed of themselves.

PS3 - Has sold 21.3 million as of December 31 2008
Xbox 360 - Has sold 27.93 million as of Jan 14 2009

6.63M Diffrence. No one needs saving.

Can't we all just be gamers and not haters? FFS

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Guys i cant embed the video. The link will take you direct to the ABC Good Game review. The ABC is a government owned TV station in Australia, not some no name website like certain gaming blogs on N4G.

Forgive Junglist on the 8 out of 10. He is always harsh on his reviews.

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Maybe they will have a beta before then.

But holy crap almost 6million paid accounts, thats pretty darn good. I'm one of those 6 million.

I still play every once and a while (PVP only).

This is the build i normally run. Its a R/W that uses swords, and Escape.


(Equipment template below)

Pk5hn2mmkkakkmWVqonDJZxsnDJJL xiDJPSnnDJHrrnDJ9E

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The PS3 may be behind in the 360 in the US, but the Japan sales balance it out. Thats what all articles fail to mention.

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Finally good to see someone using Official Sony figures, instead of Vgchartz.

Also Sev, the text is black writing on a black background. I cant read it unless i highlight it.

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Is Aaron Greenturd, Dark Sniper?

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Says the guy with the Xbox avatar and name.

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PSN does have private voice and video chat. But not text.

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Nice. I can't wait. This, DQ6, DQ9, Kingdom Hearts, and GTA; Chinatown wars and must haves IMO for the DS in 2009.

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I apologize for the Dreamcast having free online play. But it was almost 10 years ago. I can't remember everything! lol.

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you banned to the Openzone or something Bathyj?

Is it a temp ban or pernament?

Just a question, cause i never see you in Gamerzone.

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C.Viper and Dog the Bounty Hunter. ROFL!!!!!!

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PC, DS, PSP, PS2, PS3, Wii, hell even Dreamcast gamers have being playing online for FREE.

Lets face it folks MS is charging you to use your internet connection. Peer2Peer (p2p) is what it is, connecting to other users without any servers. You are the server. (forgive the crap explaination) No Microsoft involvment whatsoever (expect taking your money)

What gives Microsoft the right to do it? Is it because they can? Is it because they came out with 360 console first? ...

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i agree with Feline on this one.

That is to say Xbox Live Gold is not bad. But charging for it is.

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well i live in Australia. Amazon UK doesnt deliver video games to Aus.

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Its £18 in the UK.

About 39-40 AUD or 25-26 dollars USD on with free postage to US, UK, Australia, NZ.

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Add Breath of Fire and Legend of Dragoon to that list.

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