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I’m gonna buy so many cards and sell them and make a mint like I did for a good year or so during the shortage. All without bots. If people are willing to buy then why not?

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Your comment shows how little you understand the technology. The tech first analyzes the game at native resolution and learns from the analysis which is then applied via intelligent upscaling to present at a higher resolution than what was rendered by the hardware

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I have a 3090 Ti and run on 4K. Games like cyberpunk would be impossible to run at that resolution native with RT on max. DLSS is literally a game changer and works incredibly well

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I do builds for a lot of people and generally use at least a 3060 for a budget build (used or b-stock) or a 6600 XT. I personally run with a 3090 Ti which is essentially a 4080 with 24GB memory according to leaked specs (10,752 cores, 16gb GDDR6X)

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I had high hopes for Hazard Zone. I love Escape from Tarkov and have about 600 hours in it but the game needs a competitor. I thought hazard zone would be that competition. I was wrong. And the rest of the game popped the bed too

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Battlefield V was a Politically Correct box checking exercise in game making. It could’ve been a GREAT WW2 game but instead settled for mediocrity

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I have a 2080s and an i7 9700k with 32GB of ram and can’t break 30fps most of the time with this game

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Hell let Loose was one of the best ps plus offerings I’ve seen in a while. It’s not for everyone but it was absolutely incredible

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I sometimes come on this site and see comments like this where people are utterly striving to see the negative.

I guarantee there’s a game in there you had your eye on that’s a good price now. But instead of seeing any positive, your entire comment is meant to tear down. Sad really

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Really? They’re all legit good games

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This is such an excellent game. It’s a slower pace but take your time and communicate. It’s pretty much Band of Brothers: The Game. And I mean that in the best way possible

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I’m so excited for this game. I have 200 hours on PC and just set it to download this morning on my ps5. It’s a slower game so take your time and communicate well. It’s a blast when the team is clicking’

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Try Escape from Tarkov. It forces you to slow down and think. I’m not a fan of the ADD speed of CoD

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Kind of sad. Seems like a guy with a lot of anger over life channeling it into hate for one faceless corporation over another

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You do know there’s an entire world to see and explore outside of those four walls, right? Video games should be a fun addition to life, not life itself.

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Omitting that sentence doesn’t mean it’s something I don’t do.

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“Grew up playing the Nintendo Wii”

Sounds like a dude who’s around mid 20’s that’s crossed that invisible threshold into adulthood. I have a great job, a wife and a family of my own. They’re my priorities now, not video games. I still manage to sneak in some Escape from Tarkov or PS5 on the weekends but, as a whole, video games do not command my attention as strongly as they have in my younger years.

But with that said, though. I’ll never give them up. I...

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It’s not all eggs in one basket. It’s an emergency time crunch and they’re pulling their extra resources temporarily away from other things to work on their big holiday release. It makes perfect sense and also hints to their (probably) miserable corporate culture

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Absolutely. The game is releasing soon and this priority is both urgent and important on a company wide scale. It’s all hands on deck, pause everything else, get vanguard done time and then the teams return to whatever their respective products are

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