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Anyone that follow a little of the gaming industry always knew that. These comedians signing a petition are just like that people who ask for Mario Kart 8 for Xbox One In a store.

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When this guy posts, first i click disagree and sometimes i read, fact that it's always crap.

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It's pathetic how many trolls are posting on Bloodborne articles and every topic related to PS4, they are the same who pretend to be the victims saying that N4G it's a fanboy site.
Go play or wait for something to play, meanwhile we play and discuss this amazing game.

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For sure, can't stop playing it. Another awesome exclusive game for Sony,

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Talking about milking a franchise...

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That would be great, Nintendo really should release a Pokemon for Wii U.

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Now in every article related to Bloodborne, someone will mention a fake pc version everytime? It's plain and simple: it's a PS4 exclusive. Deal with it.

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I will squirt my ink a lot on my friends. If you wanna join too!

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He is the first boss that i've found. I will try again now, third encounter now. *sad face*

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Who cares for reviews? A great game it's a great game, and that's it. Games like Bloodborne, Bayonetta 2 and goes on.
It's really funny how a lot of users are mad because of PS4 gamers having a great time with Bloodborne.

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Weed it's really dangerous, the World War II started because of it.

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Wow, you need this shitty site to know that Bloodborne, a game made by Hidetaka Miyazaki exclusively for PS4 to know that game it's fantastic?

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Sony and From Software, an awesome partnership.

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So true, who is this guy to criticize Kojima anyway.
Go write articles for Kotaku, Cliffy, you are pathetic.

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Your posts are hilarious, first you say that Bloodborne would get bad reviews and now you want to play the game? LOL
PS gamers can play From Software games since the beginning, Souls games are way more related to PlayStation, with Demon's Souls and now Bloodborne.
Looks like the definition beggar's race it's true after all.

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PS4 exclusive.
The End.

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Let's keep laugh of them, meanwhile, we can play Bloodborne, Resogun, LBP 3, Driveclub, Hotline Miami 2, The Order: 1886, Killzone, Helldivers... :)

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I'm dying a lot, it's too damn difficult, also there is too many buildings in Yharnam.

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I was born ready to die. (badumtss)
I already lost 3000 of blood echoes. :(

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