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demo was garbage
enough said

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i think ur the butt hurt fanboy here dude.
by what u say in ur comments it seems like u havent even touched FF13 yet.
tell me, if ur on the run from the goverment and everyone is out to get you, your face is plastered all over the place, and theres a mark on you that tells others ur a bad guy. would u talk to anyone? would to go to a shop and buy your gear?
no you wouldn't.

go play the game b4 u start spreading your fanboy logic around.

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that guy needs proactiv and needs to get off his fat ass and excerise.

mb he should call the biggest loser.

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no no no no no.

1) Fairy Tale
2) Rave
3) Hunter x Hunter
4) Claymore
5) and mb, just mb D.Grayman

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theres 12 months in a year and we are currently only in the 2nd month.

the odds of them beating sony for 12 straight months is HIGHLY unlikly, even in NA. GoW and GT5 only have the best chance of making him look like an a$$hole.

to be frank, xbox outselling ps3 12 months in a row, highly unlikly, id even put a lot of money on it.

*now accepting all bets*

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totaly agree.
the snes and nes where great because of the games they had and they never broke. ps1, ps2 also had the games and never broke.

the xbox360 will go the way of the sega saturn. people will love it, but it just can't compete.

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if uve played more jrpgs on the 360 then the ps1 and ps2 then u must be jrpg retarted. the 360 can't hold a candle to the ps1 or ps2.

hell if u stacked every jrpg on the 360 it still wouldn't topple the greatness of something like suikoden 2 or FF7.

so yes you are a xbox fanboy no question about it.
when it comes to JRPGS PS1 and PS2 beat everything thats out today by miles.

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this is a must buy now. i gota have this game.

this tops UC2 when it comes to story telling and intense moments.

if the whole game has intense moments like that then id be playing it over and over thats for sure

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gigawatts is a measure of power not money. therefor ur comment makes no sense.

do u even go to school? or do u just spit back everything u learn in tv and games?

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common please...

with or without natal dyack would still make a turd. its just wrapped in a different interface.

maybe this time he will map the left foot to attacking and the right foot to moving.

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a little fun fact.

every FPS fanatic on my blist is in some way appart of the army or wants to be apart of the army.

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should have specified more lol

i was talking about the battle network series.
the megaman games that build off the old style megaman gameplay are great.

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games that are better 2d then 3d

Megaman (the old megaman games not the crappy ds games now)
and call me crazy but metroid is better 2d then 3d.

some games just never get old even if its the same old same old.

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i remember when i was a kid. the young age of 4 when super mario world was my world. imagine your parents putting keys under ur feet because u have a habbit of jumping when mario jumps.

i turned out pretty well (uni degree) making tons of money, married, kids. i still hate my parents and brother for doing that kinda crap to me when i wanted to play a carefree game of mario. i say let him play but not to the point where he can't function without it.

finish yo...

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WKC, GOW3, GT5, FF13, and FF14. i don't need anything else for a while after 14 comes out. ill be playing 14 till 2012 straight.

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mark my words.
if FF13 has ANY DLC whats so ever then im renting it.

@6 all of those games arn't as big as GOW3, and GT. the only game from that list that will do great in terms of sales will be halo. the rest can't even hold a candle to the likes of GOW3 and GT

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no it aint, diablo 2 is still >>>>>>>&g t;> borderlands.

and D3 is gona top its ass.

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but my wallet cries in pain.
2009 is a great year, to bad it doesn't even hold a candle to 2010.

can't wait for GOW3, FF13, WKC, FF14 and others. my wallet cries in even more pain.

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its pure BS

on my pc load times are quick, infact really quick.
on my ps3 the load times take a bit longer then the pc but its still not insanly long. at max id get a 10sec loading screen and thats RARE

borderlands had insanly long load times (some averaging 2+ mins)

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lol at the last line

kotaku made a witty comment

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