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MS and Sony have a lead on Stadia in the sense that they don't need Developers to support and port their games to the platform.

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I hope Sony or Nintendo buys them out. They have no idea what they are doing anymore.

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Marvel Vs. Capcom animated show on Disney Plus ;)

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I don't even want to think of the file sizes of games next gen. UHD-Bluray should be fine, but these small laptop hard-drives are not gonna cut it anymore.

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This sound's exactly like the PS2 collection, they even used the same font and says 15th anniversary in the description when I believe it's the 30th. It would be kind of odd to remaster an old collection when they recently put out Ultra SF2 and 3rd Strike: Online Edition. Makes me think this is a mistake listing.

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They can make it a time exclusive on the new service Playstaion Vue as an easy way to rise awareness.

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Search "Clockw0rk vs Neo" on YouTube.

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So is the headset 49.99 or not? all the online stores have it listed at 89.99+ as of right now.

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@oohWii & @waseem335 WTF with the move comment? Not sure what a great indie dev like twisted pixel getting bought out has the do with the Move lol you fanboys are funny. So No thanks, I don't want any games for the move. I think all motion controls suck and are a waste of money.

Lets face the facts people, Microsoft has not had the best of luck when it comes to buying studios. Bungie wanted to get out of Microsoft's hands just years after they became apart of them...

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I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft has them crap out kinect games.

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Yikes! I think we all know the history around after market add-ons. Lets just say I'll be waiting for the 3DS 2.0 Pokect/SP/Lite version that has all these things built in.

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Anyone know if this is online only or is it the same price in stores?

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I wonder if this could mean things like PS3 - Wii U Cross Platform Play. From what I under stand the reason the there was no cross platform play with PS3 - 360 was that MS ran a closed network.

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I agree, MS is sitting on some of the greatest I.P.s in gaming (perfect dark, Conker Bad fur day, Killer Instinct, Jet Force Gemini) But instead of hiring new talent and restoring these I.P.s to there past greatness, MS has Rare working on avatars and motion games that everyone will forget about in a few years.

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word is that red zone and this are the same game.

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The game is not going for 60, I just checked amazon and its going for 40.

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I just checked Amazon.com and Wal-mart.com looks like the game will be going for $40 msrp :)

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I'll never understand why Nintendo brought this item to Europe and not the US.

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Anon just released a new video on the state of psn


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So they are admitting that they are not professional hackers, and that anyone that knows how to double click a .exe file can be part of anonymous.

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