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Ever since XBox console arrived I always bought both Sony and Microsoft together.. this time around it'll just be the Sony I'll be buying.

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..or lack of it particularly.

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Not a Sony fanboy but I do highly trust and own a number of Sony products.
A lot of Sony items that I bought ages ago I still use to this day and properly works without any hiccups.

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That is seriously a great looking statue. Just Wow!
I also like the one with her and the little Uma statue.
The girl who plays Yennefer in the TV series Anya Chalotra plays the character superbly well. Fantastic watch which is based off the book and very little to the game.
There are a few who are saying Ava Green of Penny Dreadful ( another highly recommended and underrated series ) also looks very similar to the character.

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No.1 reason is culture.
And then everything else fall into place.
Same analogy with cars, why aren't American made cars not popular in Japan?

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That's a neat feature to have and I'm sure there won't be any problems with a surround sound speaker set-up but will this new 3D audio work with your basic headphones and IEMs' ( not a fan of gaming headsets because I find they break so easily and a lot have software issues ) since most out there will be using this type of gear while playing games?

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I love the original Colin McRae Rally. Best ever for me.
Driveclub the most enjoyable.

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1st - UC2
2nd - UC1
3rd - UC4
4th - UC3

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Game seems to have a sense of profound existential values that it wants to leave for the player/s.
Also noticed it took cues off Prometheus, some from the Matrix and a bit of Apocalypse Now.

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and The Last of Us

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I loved Colin McRae Rally, got addicted to that game for a long time.
DriveClub I highly rate as very good and enjoyable.

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This game needs to be continued honestly.. so many questions and conspiracy theories still needs to be answered with the main character back stories and The Order itself.
The graphics and overall design look of this game was simply astonishing, even to this day.
Just no more QTEs'.

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All the conspiracy theory back stories behind the characters really intrigued me and the overall look and design of the game is mind blowing impressive. I wanted more.
Quick time event was the one main thing that ruined the game.

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With all the juvenile retards and smarts arses in a lot of multi-player games for a number of years.. No.
I'd rather spend enjoying and focused gaming alone.

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QTE's was the main thing that ruined it for me, besides that I was honestly impressed by the graphics, the story and the the many conspiracy theory surrounding the characters of this game.
Deserves a second chance.

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Whoever thought of this game should be crucified upside down.

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Don't think it's better, they just made her look more sophisticated and sassy by adding cosmetic make-up and thickening up her eyelashes.. like she's going to a party.

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In-Helmet view looks challenging.

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For a lot less and being portable can be used outdoors just buy MDR-7506 or MDRV6 you'll thank me later.

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Am pretty sure it's the same story with games - ( https://knowtechie.com/peop... )

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