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So all I need is World of Warcraft, and my CPU will be faster for every application, eh?

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That sucks

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lol incontinent eh? Having no or insufficient voluntary control over urination or defecation?

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We aren't here to fulfill your fanciful dreams! Make good games and they will sell themselves. All these indie developers think the world revolves around them and we should bow to their presence. Newsflash: You aren't a rockstar, as much as you want to think you are. GET OVER YOURSELF AND MAKE GOOD GAMES.

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@Donnie81 Street fighter 5 and GT Sport are on gamepass? I never would have known!

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It is like Duke Nukem Forever!

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@quent It's you are choice?

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Your comment makes no sense at all. You say it should be exclusive to xbox one, but should continue to allow pc gamers. That is what it already is! And how can it be exclusive if it is somewhere else too? And you say next generation it will be essential to xbox one owners. Isn't it already essential to xbox owners? Why would it apply only to xbox one owners next gen when there will be a new xbox out? Shouldn't it also apply to xbox two owners, or whatever they end up calling it??

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But I upgraded my PS4 controller battery...and it is removable.

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It's MA'AM!

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I love it when someone is so idiotically wrong. Yet another person who's opinion I can dismiss.

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@RauLeCreuset Go easy on mcstorm, he sounds like he has an extra chromosome.

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@crazyCoconuts That is because a lot of online media is dying....so they use hyped up, exaggerated headlines to bring in rage clicks. The leftist/SJW sites have been doing that more and more recently, hence the mass layoffs going on.

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You're right! I tried it for a few hours on PC but then deleted it right after because it was a waste of hard drive space.

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Awww poor Donnie81, did he hurt your feefees? You poor guy, taking criticism so personally! It is just a console, buddy!

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