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And price. Scorpio will easily be at least $100 more expensive.

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I could have sworn Sean Murray said that there would be space dogfighting and that because of how big the world is there's a chance you might never see another player. That would mean it is possible to see other players. And on Twitter Sean said that he's blown away that two players have already met each other in the game. Why would he say that if it's not possible to meet players in the game? If he is lying couldn't he be sued for misleading customers?

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I have a feeling Alvin Wang Graylin will be looking for a new job soon.

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I'm surprised you found Eve Valkyrie more fun than The London Heist. I like EV but The London Heist demo is much more fun and interactive in my opinion. You can pick up stuff, open your door, turn the radio knobs, and when you aim at the direction of your buddy he leans back to avoid getting shot at. I'm all in too, I sold all my PS4 games and will only be buying PSVR games from now on.

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@Outside_The_Box, no that just shows that the rep who was trying to help you is inexperienced with PSVR, I've tried it at two locations, each one with a different rep, the rep at the Best Buy was so much better at adjusting the headset than the rep at Gamestop. I bet it will be easier to adjust it yourself at home than it is to adjust it for someone else.

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Your article should make it clear that the reason for the big drop in Nintendo's stock value was that Nintendo admitted that Pokemon Go isn't theirs. It just goes to show that Nintendo is still clueless about everything.

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I think the base and the bundle are both coming with a free demo disk, it'll probably have a demo of Riggs among others. The bundle also comes with Playstation VR Worlds which has 5 mini-games.

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Are you making this statement based on the Best Buy/Gamestop demos? The full version of Eve Valkyrie, which is already available on Rift and Vive has a singleplayer story mode, multiplayer modes such as team deathmatch and map control, and rpg elements such as unlockable customizations and upgrades for your ships.

From the demos yes Battlezone seems more fun to me, more faster paced, but I have no clue what the full game will be like, does it even have multiplayer? <...

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RashBandicoot you're not going to find any cheap SD cards in the "hundred GB's" anytime soon, and definitely won't be cheaper than a Blu-ray disc.

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Why do some people think this is a good idea? It's a horrible idea! It means publishers who are already used to publishing on Blu-ray would be at Nintendo's mercy again, and I bet it won't be cheap. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo tried to control what gets published by having developers pay a fee to Nintendo for a quality license where Nintendo has the final say on whether the game will be allowed to be released for the system. Nintendo had already done this back in i...

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Capcom said the game is still in development and these issues will be fixed before release.

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Zeref any Xbox One gamer wanting to upgrade would wait for the Scorpio instead of the slim.

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Sweet the Best Buy in Connecticut is having it today and tomorrow, and it's only 20 minutes from my place! I'm a bit busy today but I'll be able to try it out tomorrow!

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Awesome, never played it but I loved Heavy Rain, this will be my chance.

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There was nothing in Microsoft's conference that could convince someone to get an Xbox console instead of a PS4 or an upgraded PC. Why get an Xbox when all Xbox games will be on PC? Why get an Xbox One when the Xbox S will be coming out soon. Why get an Xbox S when the Xbox Scorpio is coming out next year? How much will the Scorpio cost? Will Microsoft be launching a VR system for it at the same time or will it be compatible with an existing VR system? We got hardly any info, they m...

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Is it coming to PS4? I only see Xbox One and PC listed on the website.

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Loved the first one. Very excited for this one. Glad they replaced Aiden but I'm hoping him and Marcus cross paths someday.

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To the few of you who think avoiding the winter holiday season is a smart move because it avoids competition think again. Potential NX customers are just going to spend their money on something else this winter, such as a sure-to-be-cheaper PS4 or XBONE, or they might try out the PSVR. When March 2017 rolls around a majority of these gamers aren't going to have the budget to get the NX. Delaying Zelda and then delaying the NX is suicide.

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There's a bunch of gamers who are content with the graphics they're getting now, and they'll be able to play on their PS4 every game every Neo owner gets to play. To these gamers they are unaffected by the PS4k. Personally I love graphics and if the price is right I'll get the PS4k this year along with the PSVR.

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A game that works on the 32x can't work on the Genesis, and Genesis games don't benefit at all from the 32x being attached. If Neo's backward compatibility is true then PS4 games will work on the Neo and every game playable for the Neo can be played on the PS4. Your comparison would therefore be a very weak one.

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