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Burnout 3 used to be my favourite arcade racer, but I can't say that anymore after experiencing MotorStorm. Its sense of speed, combined with the wide range of totally different vehicles and crazy tracks set it apart. The demo of the latest Burnout was a disappointment to me. I hate the time wasting and no fun open city.

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Why Sony has such a hard time releasing demos world wide simultaneously is beyond me. Maybe they should review their submittal process. Almost every PS3 demo has already been localised (only exception I know is the GT Prologue demo) no matter what store it was released on.

On the other hand, can't say I'm much bothered by it as I don't care too much about demos. I'd rather they fixed the PSN releases of the non-free content first. I want Every Day Shooter!

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Wow, you're quite an idiot aren't you?! Probably a liar and otherwise a very slow learner...

This site seems to be flooded with the 13 year olds that make sure I'll never pay money for a dismal online experience.

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Loved 1, ignored 2 and haven't been able to finish 3 yet. I really hate how the game starts. The young Dante is quite hard to stomach. Hopefully I can get over this and start enjoying the gameplay. But there's plenty to play before that so I might pick up DMC4 by the time it hits the bargain bins...

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Though it might be that they pulled a little 'Assasins Creed'. It is Ubi after all..

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"Also may I add the last Ninja Gaiden for Xbox was made by Itagaki-san who has clearly said and shown that he prefers the Xbox"

Nah, he prefers the machine that's most powerful. Unless he gets lots of money...

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There are few comment sections around the internet with as many fanboys as on this site. Which is quite an achievement though not a good thing IMO.

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"That stop-start rotation of front-end and game, almost comically damaging to the second game, has been replaced by a rolling Burnout experience that starts when you pick up the pad and doesn’t stop until, after dozens of crashes, record attempts and challenges, you put it down."

Which is after 5 minutes and you realise that having to drive back to restart an event or finding your own route through a city as opposed to just plain racing isn't fun whatsoever.

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Why on Earth does Ripten write a 'story' about a silly rumour that's based on a typo without saying anything new or interesting? And why on Earth does someone feel the need to add this non-news to N4G?!

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"Not to mention, triggers for racing games is a joke. Whoever thought that was a good idea needs shot. Face buttons are superior in every way."

Completely agree, especially if the face buttons are pressure sensitive. There's a reason a 'real' triggers usually are only squeezed for a limited amount of time.

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If the game was actually worth playing. But yet again (probably due to the limited capabilities of the 360, multiplatform releases are always scaled down to the lesser hardware) we see a game that's nothing more than an HD upgrade of a last gen franchise. I know that's good enough for all those game journalists out there, graphics and achievement whores that they are, but the rest of the world couldn't care less (see Wii sales figures). And the one thing it does add, the open city, is complet...

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Must be a typo. The game is being published by Microsoft and not that far from release. If it would come to PS3 that would be known by now. I don't know the details of the contract Team Ninja and MS negotiated but if MS has the publishing rights its almost certain that the game will not be released on another platform without their consent. Maybe Team Ninja can play a name-trick or something but it's highly unlikely. And THB, I'd rather Team Ninja fired their graphics artists and started from...

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“There's a horde of problems within it, and most of them are cleverly hidden.”

That’s the basis of game design. No game engine is perfect (and we’ll never see a perfect engine either, the world is just too complex to ever fit in computing power) and the believability of a game is determined by how well it manages to disguise its shortcomings.

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"there's nothing but pure, unbiased opinion."

You might be right in a sense. I don’t expect there to be some kind of conspiracy behind the ‘bias’ that you see in a lot (all?) of the ‘professional’ gaming press. However, for anyone reading gaming magazines or websites, it’s quite clear what the favorite console of the gaming media is and it isn’t the one consumers like best. The original xbox was a hardcore gamer’s wet dream with the inclusion of a dedicated online mul...

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@ 1.2

"Microsoft designed the architecture of the Xbox 360 to EMPOWER and ENABLE developers to make great games without burning money by jumping through hoops for nothing."

MS designed little and just used existing, Power-PC based architecture. This definitely has the benefit of comfortable design for developers because they’ve used architecture like this for years. But it also means little progress, which is why the 360 does little more than generate H...

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Don't understand what's so great about Gaiden. Got Sigma accidentally and can't say I enjoyed it much (after the first lame level, boss fight and amateur cut scene I kind of gave up). The art direction is so incredibly bad (like everything else created by Team Ninja it looks cheap and trashy), it completely puts me off. And the rest of the presentation is terrible as well, though that's probably partly because of the age of the original, though even the first Devil May Cry did it much better....

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"The whole line about there being a hardware hurdle on the 360 is total bullshit. If there was a problem they would just tone the graphics down a little like they have to do on all PC to console ports."

You are right if it would be just about the graphics. However, if I’m not mistaken there’s also a very complex physics model used in Crysis. I can imagine that that would be too much for the 360’s processor while the Cell might be able to tackle it.

But ...

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'nuff said.

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Isn't it just a rip-off of the awards (no clue what they're called anymore) in Super Smash Brothers Melee? Or was Ratchet released before?

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Most anticipated title of the year. MGS4 and Resistance 2 might very well turn out to be great games but this can be great and groundbreaking: The first innovative 'next-gen' title this side of the Wii.

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