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Sony and their patches/ updates, lol-

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I bet IGN was paid now by Microsoft.. you agree with me droids?


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PS3 owners now searching for other excuses..

first it was the BETA reviews
Now its that they have to spend at least 20-40 hours.

Poor fanboys.

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lol @ IGN

way to high for this bad game!

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i thought that the older gamers are the PS3 owners?? it is really impossible.. cause the only thing they can do is whining whining and whining and ruling all the forums all over the world!

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rofl 7...

i will take the words from the droids;)! : "Paid by sony, thats for sure"

Medicore 9.6

The next game which will be in a MAG league will be Heavy rain- mark my words!

The droids have only 1 good exclusive this year.. God of War 3 which they can rent for 2 USD (8 hours gameplay)

I dont even mention the boring simulator.

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Superior... confirmed!

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so true man

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PS3/PSN/MAG/256/TROPHYS/HOME/D LC.. damn all flops

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PS3 version will get Ratchet & clank

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And why are so many PS3 fanboys on n4g??

Have ya no games to play??

I bet it.. cause droids dont play online.. they play only single player.

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Hm... will there aver be full 256 player matches in MAG?
i doubt it.
There are not many gamers who play throw the PSN.
The PSN is as cheap as MAG.

Droids wont mention this game in their 2010 exclusive AAA list anymore.. mark my words:).

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You do know that the 360 version was already played before the PS3 beta came out, do you?

Battlefield Moments part1 came out before the PS3 beta and showed multiplayer footage on the 360 version.. it was just a closed beta not a open one.

droids like to own themselves:)

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YOu wish it would come.. how often does bioware has to tell you that the trilogy will end on the xbox360??

Alan Wake looks as good as UC2 if not even better, since the character details look nearly as good as in Heavy Rain + environments looks simply amazing!

Iam sry but the PS3 seems to be maxed out since UC2 (100% usage like Naughty Dog told us), Square ENix also confirmed that they used 100% Power of the Cell. GT5 is at 80% and will be at 100 if it gets released....

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PS3 Owners will of course buy the superior PC version. Same with Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Mafia, Alien vs. Predetor and so on :)

lol.. the droids like to own themselves.

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If i want to push in a DVD and play superior games.. i get a 360.
If i want to INSTALL games, i play on the PC.
If i wnat to watch HD movies i get a PS3.

Thats it:)

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Mass Effect 2 will give players a huge experience, only possible on the xbox360 Home Entertainment System, starting at 199 USD.

And MAG is as cheap as the whole PSN.

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lol @ MGOelite

of course the 360 version + PC will be the superior one, since the PC was the lead plattform.

YOu sound really desperate, do you??

This game destroys KZ2 already.

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I'am sorry for MAG.

I know that the droids wont mention this game again in their AAA 2010 list, lol.

There are 3 HUGE flops containing 3 letters:

1. PS3
2. PSN
3. MAG
4. 256
5. LOL

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PAL keyboard = Y under A, fool.

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